How to Make A Crafting Table in Minecraft?

Knowing how to make a crafting table in Minecraft is one of the first needs presented by the game because without it it is not possible to create items, many of them essential for a complete experience, in addition to making the player’s life easier, as it can be used to create defensive and offensive items.


It’s time to learn how to build a Crafting Table, also known as a Workbench. Check out the step-by-step guide. Open the Minecraft game on your PC, console, or mobile device and you can create everything you need to overcome your challenges.

Steps to Make a Crafting Table in Minecraft

If you are a new player in Minecraft This step-by-step guide will be very useful to you since we are going to explain to you what you need to do to be able to make a dining table. crafting quickly and easily, and remember that you can take your time to carefully read each step and learn little by little of this great adventure game, the steps to create a crafting table are as follows:

Gather a Log of Wood

The first thing you need to know is that to make a DIY table is that it can only be built with wood, to obtain the wood we must find a tree, after obtaining the tree, we are going to talk, to do this we just have to hit it until it releases the chest block.

After doing this step we will place the jersey in our inventory, then we look for the Clothing inventory and place them in the small space together that is next to the character and the wood will fall, we will need four trunks which will be the 4 wooden blocks.


Create Wooden Planks and craft table

And finally, after having the four blocks of wood let’s return to the inventory by pressing E in the boxes where we had previously placed the trunks we are going to place the four blocks so that each of the blocks is above each space, after making this a crafting table on the side we will only have to click on the table and it will go to the Inventory and in this way, you can have a successful crafting table to start creating all the items you need. When you first get the crafting table you will get an achievement called I work at table as you get to make a crafting table.


Natural generation

Building is not the only way to obtain a Workbench, they can also be found naturally in specific buildings across the map. However, as the map is built procedurally, the position is different for each player. Check below in which buildings the user can find the Workbench:

In the “Swamp” Biome or in “Swamp Hills” it is possible to find the “Swamp Hut”, popularly known as “witch huts”;

In the “Snowy Tundra” or “Snowy Taiga” Biome it is possible to find it in igloo basements; In “Observation Posts”, buildings are found in different biomes.

Use and characteristics

With the workbench ready, simply place it on any block on the map by clicking the right mouse button and, when accessing it, you will be able to make complex objects in a 3×3 construction grid, used to build complex objects such as torches, shields, anvils, potions, paper and more. In addition to building, the Workbench can be used as a space to repair objects worn out by use, such as a pickaxe and other commonly used tools. Now it’s time to know some important characteristics for the care of the object, check out:

  • Resists some explosions;
  • It is not transparent;
  • Hardness: 2.5;
  • Normally it cannot be broken, even when a pick-up tool is used;
  • Even though it is not flammable, the user can lose it if it comes into contact with lava;
  • It can be placed on top of another block, or a block above it.

Now that you know how to make a crafting table in Minecraft, you can use and create whatever you want, surviving more easily or using the object to explore your creativity. Also, know about enchantment tables in Minecraft.