How to make a colorful bed in Minecraft?

The bed in Minecraft is one of the most important items and can also save your life when it gets dark, avoiding Creepers and Zombies.


Minecraft is a game that has a day and night cycle — and night can be dangerous. To help, the game allows you to build a bed, sleep in, and escape dangers when it gets dark. The day and night cycle in the game lasts 20 minutes. So, ideally, you should build your bed as soon as you start the adventure, as it is one of the most important items in your inventory.


Before you start, be aware that the bed can only be built on a Workbench, another basic item that every player should have at the start of each Minecraft world. This bench/table is created with a combination of four wooden boards.


Find the necessary materials

You will need two different ingredients: three blocks of wool (of any color) and three wooden planks.

Access a workbench

Go to the workbench and click on the bed icon that appears in your menu, the items will combine automatically.

Check your inventory

Access your inventory to check the created bed.

Note: if you don’t know where to find it, wool can be obtained from sheep, and wooden boards are generated from wood extracted from trees. To create colorful beds, simply use colored wool or dye white wool before starting the process.

With the bed selected, just place it anywhere — it doesn’t have to be inside a house, it can be anywhere on the map. Then, activate the bed with the button to position the sleeping blocks. However, it’s worth warning: you can only sleep when it gets dark. If you try during the day, you will receive a warning that it is not possible. Beds can also be found and stolen or purchased in villages, but this is not common. Therefore, the best and fastest option is always to create your own.

How to make a colorful bed in Minecraft?

You can also create a colorful bed with your favorite color. To do this, you will need to collect dye of the desired color. In Minecraft, you can find dyes by collecting flowers, cacti, and seeds, and defeating monsters. Here’s how to find some of the main colors of the rainbow:


Red dye:

Collected from Roses, Poppies, Red Tulips, and Beetroot.

Orange dye

Collected from Orange Tulips and by mixing red and yellow dyes.

Yellow dye

collected from Sunflowers and Dandelions.

Green dye

Collected from Cacti (needs to be burned in the furnace to become dye).

Blue dye

Collected from Lapis Lazuli and Cornflower.

Purple dye

Made from a mixture of red and blue dyes.

Lilac dye

Collected from Pink Tulips and peonies and from a mixture of red and white dyes.

Black dye

Collected from Ink Bag and Rose of the Wither.

White dye

Collected from Bone Meal and Lily of the Valley.

When you manage to collect the necessary amount of dye to color the wool blocks, simply place them on the Workbench to dye them there. Then just use the same original construction drawing.

What makes a bed in Minecraft?

The bed is one of the mandatory items in Minecraft. By using it, the player can skip the night and start a new day, avoiding dangers such as zombies and creepers.

Other advantages of the bed

Justifying it better: during the night, in addition to your vision being impaired, monsters appear everywhere: Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons with bows and arrows, and Spiders. It is not always possible to face everyone. Additionally, if the player goes without sleep for more than three days, additional creatures may appear.

When you use the bed to sleep, the game skips the night and returns to another day cycle. All monsters that would appear during the dark ignore the player and disappear, or appear burning in the sunlight. Using the bed marks a respawn point on the map – if the user eventually dies, they will be respawned in the last place they sleep.


The beds are practical at night (Minecraft). These are the first things you will build in Minecraft. Although the standard method takes longer, it is useful, especially if you are a beginner. And the sense of belonging you feel after making your first bed is worth it.