How to make a bucket in Minecraft?

Bucket in Minecraft are important items for survival, as they allow you to carry water and lava, as well as other functions such as milking cows and catching fish; see how to do it.


Minecraft offers many ways to change the world around you, but one of the items with the greatest capacity to change the environment is the bucket. This small tool in the game is capable of carrying water and lava inside, which can completely change the scenario by creating safe forms of transportation or even deadly traps. 

How to make a Bucket in Minecraft

Creating a bucket is quite easy: the user only needs three iron bars to craft it. Initially, the item may not seem that important when compared to tools or iron armor, but a bucket of water can provide an easy and relatively safe way to descend into caves or serve as a last resort if the player catches fire from falling into caves. lava. The item also becomes quite necessary in the production of obsidian, which is formed when a block of water meets a “source” block of lava.

It is important to understand what blocks are considered “source” in Minecraft. In other words, in bodies of water such as lakes or the ocean, all blocks serve as raw materials that can be extracted with the bucket. However, when there is running water, it is not possible to catch it with the item – the player needs to follow the current to the block that serves as a source. When the bucket in Minecraft is emptied, a fountain block is created and the water spreads wherever it can.

The bucket in Minecraft also has some other uses. It can be used to collect milk when milking cows, a resource that can be used for cakes or to cure adverse effects of potions and curses, such as Marauders’ Bad Omen. The bucket can also be used to catch fish, axolotls, and tadpoles, as well as snowpowder in icy places. Check out how to create this item below. 

  • Step 1. Find at least three raw iron ores in caves and mine them with a pickaxe;
  • Step 2. Place the raw iron ores into a powerful furnace or furnace to create three iron bars;
  • Step 3. On a workbench, gather the iron bars to create a bucket;

How to use the Bucket in Minecraft

  • Step 1. Search for a body of water and press the interaction button to fill the Bucket with a water source block;
  • Step 2. If you want to fill your bucket with lava, you can find it in caves. However, it is worth mentioning that this is an abundant resource in the Nether dimension;
  • Step 3. To obtain milk, simply approach a cow with an empty bucket and press the interaction button;
  • Step 4. If you want to catch a fish, axolotl, or tadpole, just press the button to interact with them with a bucket in hand;
  • Step 5. On icy peaks with powdery snow, the user can use the bucket to pick up the resource and then place it elsewhere.

What is the Bucket for?

Within Minecraft, the player can carry water, lava, milk, or mud, when it comes to liquids. They are useful items not only for carrying but also for storing this type of substance, to be used when necessary. Milk, for example, is used to cure curses. You won’t always need to load it in your inventory. You can keep it stored in a bucket for later use. The same goes for water if you want to put out a fire, among other situations.

Buckets are also used to capture live fish. Some fish have healing properties or are used to create potions in Minecraft. Possible fish caught with the bucket are:

  • Cod
  • Salmon
  • Tropical
  • Pufferfish

For this type of catch, you need to be in the water, but you don’t need to use a fishing rod. The only care you need to take is not to drown while hunting fish in Minecraft’s seas and rivers.

When still empty, you can accumulate up to 64 buckets in your inventory. But when stocked with liquids or food, you can only carry 1 bucket per space in your inventory. Interestingly, it is possible to generate “infinite water” by occupying a space of 4 blocks with water, or lava. This technique is used by players to collect blocks such as stone and obsidian.