How to make a fishing rod in Minecraft?

The fishing rod in Minecraft is an item that allows you to fish for items or fish, which in turn will unlock more possibilities.


Food is one of the most important aspects of Mojang’s game, so knowing how to make a fishing rod in Minecraft is essential for survival and, with a little more work, you can transform this simple item into an object to obtain treasures and other items.

Making a  fishing rod in Minecraft will help you, of course, get fish. These, in turn, allow you to tame some animals, such as cats, and also feed your character, to heal wounds and catch your breath. Check below how to create a fishing rod in the game, as well as other important information, such as characteristics and how to obtain the item.

What is a fishing rod?

Within Minecraft, the fishing rod is an item practically identical to its real-life equivalent. The object is a rod with a line, which allows you to fish for fish and other items in the seas, lakes, or streams you find. It is mainly used for fishing, but, like any other item in the character’s hand, it can also be used for combat or mining – which is not advisable, as the rod’s duration will decrease much more quickly.

Steps To make a fishing rod in Minecraft

  • Step 1. To create a fishing rod, you need three sticks and two threads. Sticks can be made from wooden blocks and thread is obtained by killing spiders;
  • Step 2. Using a crafting table, go to the Tools and Weapons tab to find the fishing rod. Create one and place it in your character’s hand;
  • Step 3. Aim for a place with water and use the stick. Now just wait until a fish takes the bait;
  • Step 4. The float stays floating for a long time, but when a fish bites, it quickly sinks. Press the button to quickly use the rod again and the fish is hooked out of the water;
  • In the PC version, the process is a little different from the consoles. First, there is a trail of bubbles that indicates an approaching fish. Once hooked, there is a chance that it will be one of several species of fish, as well as trash and even “treasures”, such as saddles, bows, and books, among others.

How to enchant a fishing rod

Enchanting a fishing rod is a much more laborious process, but with it, it is possible to guarantee interesting attributes, such as:

  • Bait: reduces fishing time;
  • Sea luck: increases luck when fishing;
  • Durability: takes longer to break;
  • Mending: Restores an item’s durability using experience;
  • Vanishing curse: when the player dies, the item disappears.

However, to enchant the fishing rod it is necessary to create an Enchantment Table. To do this, have three Obsidian Blocks, a Diamond Block, a book, lapis lazuli, and an Anvil ready to finish. With everything in hand, just follow the steps below.

  • 1. Take the Diamond Block to the Crafting Table and collect 9 Diamonds;
  • 2. Position the Obsidian Blocks, two Diamonds, and the Book as in the image below;
  • 3. Drag it to your Inventory to use the Enchantment Table;
  • 4. Position the Enchantment Table on the stage and place the lapis lazuli in the indicated location;
  • 5. Three enchantments, compatible with the item, will appear next to it, just choose one to use;
  • 6. Take the Fishing Rod and Enchanted Book to the Anvil;
  • 7. Position both in the correct fields and you’re done.

How to fish in Minecraft?

Once you’ve crafted the fishing rod, it’s time to find a river, lake, or ocean and use the new item. The player can be on the bank, in the water, submerged, or in a boat, the position does not interfere with the action. Go to a place with water, and observe for movement.

Play the line, with the interaction button and now it’s a matter of patience, luck, and attention. Pay attention to bubbles that may appear near the fishing rod, which may indicate that you are close to catching something. Fishing can take between 5 and 30 seconds.

 The different tips and uses of the fishing rod

First of all, we can note that the fishing rod if used well is a very good element for PVP explanation: when you chase or you are chased you can fish your opponent which will cut off his sprint and therefore slow him down which will allow you to take advantage of distance.

Secondly, the fishing rod with carrot allows when you to ride a sealed pig to go much faster, the pig will consume 7 durability of the fishing rod with carrot and will go faster for 40 seconds and therefore move you from 340 blocks with this acceleration. Note that you can repair your carrot on a stick fishing rod by putting it with another carrot on a stick on the crafting table.

The fishing rod can also be used when it is well enchanted and can also have a higher chance of fishing enchanted books. You also have a large number of possible fish/trash/treasures to catch such as tags or saddles. Mobs, as the game’s creatures are called, can also be hooked with fishing rods, which bring the animals closer to the player.



Fishing rods in Minecraft can be purchased or found in chests, but the easiest way to get one is to actually craft it.