How to make books for enchantments in Minecraft?

Check out how to make books in Minecraft, which can be used for a variety of things, from enchantment tables and spells to writing your own story within the blocky world.


Through them, it is possible to build an enchantment table and improve various items such as swords, pickaxes, shields, and armor. Therefore, discovering how to make books in Minecraft is essential for anyone who wants to explore the Nether, build grand castles, and even defeat the fearsome Ender Dragon.

However, the path to becoming a master of enchantments can be a bit challenging, after all, many items need to be found. In this article, see how to make books for enchantments and use enchantments in Minecraft!

How to make books in Minecraft

There are two types of items that can be classified as books: the common book, used for enchantment tables, to be enchanted and to make bookshelves, and the book with a quill, with which you can write whatever you want within Minecraft. In this tutorial, learn how to make a feather and common book to be enchanted in Minecraft.

How to make paper sheets in Minecraft

Creating books is the starting point for mastering the magic of enchantments. You will need these items:

  • Sheet of paper : 3 units (combine 3 sugar canes, create 3 sheets of paper); Leather, in turn, can be obtained by killing cows, but they do not always leave leather and the quantity can vary;
  • Leather: 1 unit (found by defeating cows and other animals). Leather, in turn, can be obtained by killing cows, but they do not always leave leather and the quantity can vary.
  • Once you have the items, you can manufacture them yourself or use a crafting table. Just gather the three sheets of paper and the leather to create a book (in older versions of the game, only paper was used);

Book with feather

  • After creating an ordinary book, you can turn it into a quill book to write stories in Minecraft, and you can even leave signed messages. Here’s how to build it:
  • Book : 3 sheets of paper + 1 leather;
  • Ink bag: 1 unit; The ink, in turn, can be obtained by killing the squid that remains in the water. Pay attention to where the paint will fall, as it is difficult to see underwater;
  • Feather: Feathers can be obtained easily by killing chickens. However, only adult chickens leave feathers;
  • Again, you can use a crafting table or craft the item yourself, combining the book, ink, and quill to create a quill book;
  • With the quill book selected, press the left trigger and you can write in it;
  • It is possible to write a lot of things before reaching the book’s limit, but it does not have many editing features, such as skipping lines or selecting specific parts of the text.
  • When you think you have written enough, but want to write down more later, click Done to close the book and save the text for later;
  • When you have finished the entire book, click Sign and you will finish it. This makes it impossible to edit it later;
  • After clicking Sign, don’t forget to give your book a title, as it will be the name that will be in your inventory


By combining books and wood, it is possible to build a bookcase in Minecraft. Even though this item may seem just decorative, when placed around an enchantment table it absorbs the knowledge on the shelf to show more powerful spells. See how to build it:

  • Wood: 6 units (you can collect wood from any type of tree in the game);
  • Book : 3 units.

Enchantment table

The enchantment table allows you to spend your experience points in Minecraft, adding special characteristics to your items. With enchantments, you can make a tool more efficient, increase the protection of your armor, and even make your sword look flaming. Here’s what’s needed to create it:

  • Book: 1 unit;
  • Diamond: 2 units (you can find them in deep caves);
  • Obsidian: 4 units (you can find them in places with lava, a tip is: use a bucket of water to transform the lava into Obsidian).

How to make enchanted books in Minecraft

Now that you know how to create books and also how to build an enchantment table, it’s time to learn how to make enchanted books. You will need to find pieces of Lapis Lazuli — a common ore that can be found in caves.

  • By adding 1 to 3 Lapis Lazuli to the enchantment table you can put spells on your items. But that’s where Books come in, you can save an enchantment inside a book to later add it to an item, after all, some spells are very difficult to find. This way, you will have an enchanted book. When you want to combine book enchantments on your items, you only need to have the anvil item.
  • The advantage of enchanting a book and then attaching it to an item, instead of enchanting one directly, is that it is usually not known which spell will be assigned to the item. The book lets you know exactly which spell you will assign to the item.

Tips on Books and Enchantments in Minecraft


  • You can find books in desert villages and lowland homes;
  • It is also possible to find enchanted books in dungeons and underground fortresses;
  • Villagers can also exchange books for emeralds;
  • Breaking a bookshelf will drop three books to the floor (when done without tools with the “Soft Touch” enchantment).


  • The Roman numerals to the right of the spell’s name indicate its strength on a scale of one to four (“I” to “IV”); “I” is the weakest, while “IV” is the strongest;
  • Some enchantments did not work on certain items (“Sharp”, for example, will have no effect when applied to a helmet);
  • You can collect experience points by defeating monsters, mining, and using experience potions.

With these tips you can improve your items in Minecraft using enchantments. It’s worth remembering that your items can even have more than one enchantment. This way, you can explore the Nether and also build more easily.