How can you make a sword in Minecraft?

The recipe for making a sword in Minecraft is the solution for players to fight wild animals, and monsters and go through survival challenges in the game.

Swords are melee weapons, used primarily to attack and damage creatures and/or players. They are also useful for breaking cobwebs and bamboo.

How to make a sword in Minecraft

  • Golden sword: a wooden stick and two gold ingots.
  • Stone sword: a wooden stick and two stone blocks – it can also be black stone –
  • Iron sword: a wooden stick and two iron ingots.
  • Diamond sword: a wooden stick and two diamonds.

Anyone who has played Minecraft for a long time will certainly remember that the diamond sword was the strongest in the game. However, since update 1.16, the game has received netherites, powerful items capable of improving weapons and armor to make them stronger and more resistant.

However, the item and its raw materials can only be found in the Nether, in chests in buildings, or near places with lava. Other than that, it cannot simply be manufactured, as it is necessary to have other items to get to it. The process is long, but it will be worth it. So, check out each step below to get the netherite sword, the strongest in Minecraft.

How to make netherite

  • Collect a block of ancient debris, which can be found floating in lava;
  • Cook it to turn it into netherite scrap. Each block generates a fragment;
  • Once you have four, mix them with four more gold bars (which can be mined, found in villages, or made with nuggets) to get the netherite bar;
  • Know that each recipe generates a bar, so make as many as you need.

How to make a diamond sword

To get to the most powerful version, you need a diamond sword. Although simpler, the difficulty here is just finding the precious stone, which is located in the deepest layers of the map, close to places with lava, and in building chests.

  • Collect wood of any type, and process it into boards;
  • Use the board to make sticks, you will only need one;
  • Once you also have two diamonds, use a bench and place a stick and two diamonds vertically above it.

How to make the blacksmithing table

With the netherite bar and diamond sword in hand, you will need a blacksmith to make the strongest sword. It is very simple to make and only requires plank blocks and iron bars.

  • Collect wood and process it to get four plank blocks of any wood;
  • Find blocks of iron ore (common or deep-slate) and cook them in the furnace to get the iron ingot. You will need two;
  • Position the four wooden blocks forming a square and place the bars on top.

How to make a netherite sword

  • Use the blacksmithing table;
  • In the first square, place the diamond sword;
  • In the second, place the netherite bar

How to make an enchanted sword in Minecraft

  • Collect the materials needed to create the enchanted sword: lapis lazuli and a sword.
  • Lapis lazuli can be found by mining, you can use any sword in netherite, diamond, iron, gold, stone, or wood.
  • Open your enchantment table so that you have the enchant menu.
  • In the Enchant menu, place the sword in the first box. Then place 3 lapis lazuli in the second box.
  • You will see the enchantment slots display up to 3 enchantment options. Each enchantment will display a number on the right that corresponds to the number of experience levels you need to have to unlock and view the enchantment (this is not the cost of applying the enchantment).
  • After clicking on the desired enchantment, you can collect your enchanted sword and use it in Minecraft.

Best sword enchantments

With the enchantment table, the weapon can become even more powerful, improving its attack, defense, and durability aspects. In total, there are eight available, but the most versatile are:

  • Sharpening: has 1.25 more damage per level, ranging from I (1) to V (5);
  • Flaming aspect: as the name suggests, it sets the rival on fire for 4 seconds. At level I, the opponent can lose up to three hearts of life, at level II they can lose up to seven;
  • Repulsion: pushes enemies a distance of three blocks at level I and six at level II;
  • Range: allows an attack to have more area of ​​damage and goes from level I to III.

The “Judgment” and “Ruin of the Arthropods” enchantments are only good for facing zombies and spiders, respectively, but are not very effective against other creatures. “Loot” is more recommended for facing enemies that have a chance of dropping rare items, like the Enderman, as it increases the chance of objects appearing.