How to find diamonds in Minecraft?

Diamond in Minecraft is a very rare resource but can be difficult to find. Finding Minecraft diamonds helps you forge weapons and special items; Learn tips to know where to look.


Diamonds are some of the rarest items in the game, only found in nature or chests. With diamonds, the user can forge more resistant weapons, items, and armor, in addition to being able to produce magical objects, with extra benefits. Because of this, below, see how to find diamonds in Minecraft.

Places Where You can Find Diamonds

As I presented, diamonds in Minecraft are in nature or chests scattered around the map, but it’s all based on random luck, you can’t create them. There is a certain percentage, depending on the environment you are in, with small variations in luck also between versions of Minecraft – be it Java (on PCs without Windows 10) or Bedrock (all other editions of the game).

These are places where you can find Diamonds in chests in Minecraft:

  • Mineshaft (Mines with carts) – around 10% chance;
  • Buried Treasure (Ships or in the Desert) – about 50% chance;
  • Desert Temple (Desert only) – about 6% chance;
  • End City (End of the game) – around 21% chance;
  • Jungle Temple (Forests only) – about 12% chance;
  • Nether Fortress (Nether only) – about 19% chance;
  • Shipwreck – around 14% chance;
  • Stronghold (Fortresses spread across the map) – around 7% chance;
  • Village (Peaceful villages) – between 9% and 16% chance.

Which pickaxes mine Minecraft Diamond?

Before proceeding, it is necessary to point out that not all pickaxes are capable of mining diamonds in Minecraft. To do this, you will need an iron pickaxe or a diamond pickaxe, as a tool made of wood, stone or other elements will not do the job.

If your pickaxe is equipped with an enchantment called Fortuna, it can drop an extra diamond per level. In other words, if you are using “Fortuna III”, the chance is that you will get four diamonds.


How to find diamonds in Minecraft?

Unfortunately, due to its rarity, finding diamonds in Minecraft is almost a matter of luck. Precisely for this reason, there is not necessarily the best way to find diamonds. What you can do is explore the map little by little, keeping in mind some factors listed below. 

Search inside caves

There is a rumor that the chances of finding diamonds near lava are high;, even under these conditions, you still have to rely on luck. But truth be told: if you venture into the game’s caves or create your own, you can find a lot of diamonds.

In this case, there is not much mystery: randomly, while digging, you may find diamond fragments in the walls. It doesn’t matter which excavation method you use, as long as you explore the caves well enough to not miss any part of it.

The best level to find diamonds is 15 or lower, with the most common place to find them being between 5 and 12. However, levels 11 and 12 are the best to search for, as they have less lava than levels between 5 and 10.


In different regions of the map, in chests

In addition to exploring the game’s caves, be aware that some areas offer a higher percentage of chance of finding diamonds in chests. Below, you can check a table with the percentages for the Java versions (PCs without Windows 10) and Bedrock (all other editions).

Ruined bastion (treasure chest)16%9%
End City (chest)21%21%
Fortress (altar chest)7%7%
Nether Fortress (chest)19%19%
Abandoned mine (chest)9%9%
Shipwreck (treasure chest)14%14%
Jungle Temple (Chest)13%13%
Desert Temple (chest)6%6%
Buried treasure (chest)53%47%
Village (Toolmaker’s Chest)10%16%
Village (Armorer’s Chest)16%10%

Exchanges with Villagers

Another way to get diamonds is by exchanging items with the Villagers, who are the merchants you can find in the villages. However, this can still be an extremely arduous task, as some will only accept Emeralds in exchange, for another rare and quite valuable ore in Minecraft.

Exchange Emeralds for diamonds with the Villagers

The best way is to look and rely a lot on luck. But, if there is a possibility of getting more Emeralds, it could be an excellent strategy to exchange them for diamonds. From now on you know exactly how to find diamonds in Minecraft, even if it means relying on luck.