How to make a pickaxe in Minecraft to use for ores and blocks?

One of the most important and basic items in Minecraft, the pickaxe also functions almost as a symbol of the game, alongside the famous block of dirt and grass. The item is simple to create — it can be made of wood, stone, iron, other materials, and diamond — and is much more useful than you might think, in many ways. Learn how to build the tool in the following lines.

Making a Pickaxe in Minecraft is a simple task. The game has several tools to interact with the game’s blocks, but none is more iconic than the Pickaxe, which has become a symbol of the game.

Material needed to create Pickaxe

Pickaxes are usually created with two sticks and three units of some material, initially Wood. Although the Wooden Pickaxe is the weakest of all, it is necessary to obtain Stones to create the Stone Pickaxe. If the player simply insists on hitting a Stone with their hands or another tool for a long time, the block will break – but it will not leave material behind. Each new material increases the duration and efficiency of your Pickaxe, except for Gold which does not create very resistant tools.

It is possible to obtain Iron Ore in caves, after starting with the Wooden Pickaxe and obtaining the Stone Pickaxe. With it, the player can create an Iron Pickaxe. Ores such as Gold and Diamond, as well as blocks such as Redstone, can only be mined with an Iron Pickaxe or higher. Recently Minecraft also added a new material called Netherite, however, the method to obtain a Netherite Pickaxe is a little different as explained below.

How to make a Pickaxe in Minecraft?

Step 1. Hit some tree trunks to get two Sticks and Wooden Planks;

Step 2. On a Workbench / Table, gather the two Sticks with three materials of your choice, such as Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold or Diamond;

Step 3. Take your Pickaxes to the underground areas of Minecraft and use them to extract new materials.

How to craft Netherite Pickaxe in Minecraft?

Step 1. Use two Sticks and three Diamonds on a Workbench/Table to create a Diamond Pickaxe;

Step 2. In the Nether dimension, dig to the Y coordinate: 15 deep, and dig in the surroundings until you find Ancient Debris. Extract them with a Diamond Pickaxe;

Step 3. Place the Ancient Debris in a Furnace with fuel to obtain Netherite Scrap. Mix four Netherite Scraps with four Gold Bars on a Workbench/Table to obtain a Netherite Bar;

Step 4. At a Blacksmithing Table, combine your Diamond Pickaxe with the Netherite Bar to get a Netherite Pickaxe.

How to make a Wooden pickaxe

The most accessible pickaxe, and the one that will be your companion at the beginning of the game, is the wooden one. To obtain it you need to collect wooden blocks and follow the steps below.

  • Open the workbench, and place a Wooden Block to obtain Wooden Planks;
  • Then, place two Wooden Planks to obtain ‘Twigs’;
  • Place two sticks in the construction area, in the central part;
  • Place three Wooden Planks above”;
  • Keep the “Wooden Pickaxe” in your inventory to use it.

With the wooden pickaxe in hand, it becomes much easier to collect objects for the next one. It is important, when exploring caves to find diamonds and other blocks, to carry a torch to light the way and ward off mobs.

How to make a Stone pickaxe?

All pickaxes follow the same construction logic, regardless of the material used, however, keep in mind that as you need better materials, you will need to break the object’s block with an increasingly better pickaxe. For example: to obtain Iron Blocks you need to use the Stone Pickaxe and so on.

  • Collect three boulders and store them in your inventory;
  • Use two sticks and position them in the center, one above the other, on the workbench;
  • Place the three boulders at the top to create a “Stone Pickaxe”.

How to make Iron pick

  • Collect some Iron Blocks in the wild and take them to the Workbench;
  • Place the Iron Block in the center and obtain nine Iron Bars;
  • Position the sticks and iron bars like the steps above and drag the Iron Pickaxe to your inventory.

How to make a Golden pickaxe?

  • Collect a Gold Block and place it on the workbench to get nine gold bars;
  • Position the sticks and gold bars on the workbench;
  • Drag the Golden Pickaxe into your inventory.

How to make a Diamond Pickaxe?

  • Collect a Diamond Block and take it to the workbench to obtain Diamonds;
  • Position the Sticks and Diamonds on the workbench;
  • Drag the Diamond Pickaxe to your inventory.

Use of the pickaxe in Minecraft

The pickaxe is used to mine blocks in Minecraft. Certain materials are obtained with greater speed if the character has a pickaxe in hand, mainly stone, earth, or wood.

Other details

Something important that everyone should know about the pickaxe is that it can also be used to attack enemies. Each type of material used in creation grants a different bonus when attacking enemies.

  • Wooden pickaxe: +2 attack
  • Stone pickaxe: +3 attack
  • Iron pickaxe: +4 attack
  • Golden pickaxe: +2 attack
  • Diamond Pickaxe: +5 attack