How to make bread in Minecraft in easy steps?

Learning how to make bread in Minecraft can be a great way to make use of crops. Finding wheat seeds is the best way to cultivate your farming skills and start large plantations. After all, this cereal offers good growth, can be easily found, and becomes delicious bread.


Minecraft is a construction and survival game that has several food options; some of them are found in nature and others that the player can manufacture. One of them is bread, which can be made with simple ingredients and in just a few steps. Within the game, bread serves as a traditional food, that is, it restores the player character’s life and hunger, spent after a battle or after a long walk. Furthermore, food can also be used as a currency of exchange between Villagers and serves to encourage the reproduction of the same characters.

The bread consumed by the player restores five hunger and breath icons. Anything beyond this is transferred to the character’s life, also serving as one of the many healing items available in Minecraft. Furthermore, for breeding, it is necessary to have three loaves of bread available in the same place where there are two or more Villagers. Over time, a new one will be born – and the loaves will be consumed and lost in the process, so keep that in mind.

How to make bread in Minecraft

Before starting the tutorial, it is worth remembering that, to make bread, you need two main items. The first of them is a bench, and the second is wheat. However, to enjoy warm bread, you first need to create a small wheat plantation. To do this, you just need to build a hoe and find some source of water. In this article, see how to do it!

  • Combine two sticks with two wooden blocks to make a hoe on the workbench;
  • Then, look for a source of water to prepare the land and start your plantation;
  • Along the way, collect some bushes on the ground to find wheat seeds;
  • Once this is done, simply prepare the land for planting using the hoe and then plant the wheat seeds.
  • For wheat seeds to grow, the soil must be kept in contact with water. You can keep dirt blocks moist by placing water around the seed blocks. It is possible to collect water using a bucket in Minecraft.
  • When they are grown you will notice that the color of the seeds will be more yellow, in addition to their leaves being larger. Then you only need to collect three units of wheat to make bread. Place the cereal on the workbench as follows:

Another advantage of wheat is that it can be used to make cakes, cookies, and even clay. You can also find bread in Minecraft when you are exploring forest towns, villages, and houses. It is worth checking!