How to find villages in Minecraft?

Villages in Minecraft are places with villagers, animals, and other items that can be valuable in Minecraft; find out how to try to find them.


Villages are the places where the Villagers, live in Minecraft. Typically, they are small towns or villages, which may or may not be peaceful. Currently, villages are found in practically any biome, that is, the type of environment. But there are some tips on how to find villages in Minecraft and what they are like in general.

What is a village in Minecraft?

Villages are places with various structures and a society of Villagers. Six types of villagers can be identified by the colors of their clothes. When a village has more than 15 NPCs, a peaceful iron golem appears to protect the villagers when someone attacks them. They can have houses, wells, beds, doors, fences, in short, a series of items and buildings that are common to the game’s human characters. A village is normally inhabited by villagers, but there is the possibility of the presence of other creatures, such as:

  • Cats;
  • Golens de Ferro;
  • Peddlers;
  • Llamas;
  • Zombie Villagers;
  • Horses;
  • Pigs;
  • Sheep.

How to find villages in Minecraft?

You can find villages in several ways, however, there is no 100% correct formula. Each world, at the beginning of each game in Survival mode, is generated randomly. The positioning of villages is configured as soon as the world is created. And there is no standard. What the player should do is explore the map and try to find a village. There are some clues, however, that can help. You have a chance of being close to a village if you encounter things like:

  • A lost villager;
  • A path on the ground (like a road);
  • Animals with items or armor;
  • Blocks with workplaces.

There are different ways to find a village in Minecraft:

  • Manually explore your world
  • Use a village finder
  • Use the /locate command

Explore your world to find a village

 The hardest or slowest way to find a village in Minecraft is to embark on an adventure without any assurance that you will soon stumble upon a community. However, you don’t need to wander the world aimlessly. You can manually search for a village efficiently by taking these pointers:

  • Villages appear in Deserts, Plains, Grasslands, Savannas, Snowy Plains, and Taiga. If you are not in these biomes, there is no point in looking for a village. Continue traveling until you come across the mentioned biomes.
  • You can spot Wandering Villages, Zombie Villagers, or Iron Golems as you get closer to a village.
  • Decorative paths and street lamps can be generated near villages. Depending on the biome, these paths are either sandstone or dirt in desert villages.

Find villages using Village Finder

There are different tools available to find a village in Minecraft. For this guide, we will be using Chunk Base. Here’s what you need to do:

  • First, you’ll need to know your world seed. Type /seed in the console.
  • Go to Chunky Base Village Finder and enter your seed.
  • Change the version to match the version of Minecraft you are playing.
  • Look at the map. Villages will be represented by green dots. Point your cursor on a green dot to find the coordinates of the village. Write down the coordinate or write it on a piece of paper.
  • Return to Minecraft go to your console and type /teleport followed by your username then the X coordinate ‘ ~ ‘ Z coordinate.
  • Hit Enter to run the command. This should teleport you to the village.

It is quite common for a village to be in the vicinity, as these are common items, animals, or buildings left by Villagers who pass through there. The user can also attempt to create or find a map in chests, which typically mark the location of important villages.

Types of villages

There is no official “classification” or naming of village types in Minecraft, but they vary in terms of the type of decoration, animals, and clothes that the villagers wear. It is possible to have villages in the following biomes:

  • Flat land;
  • Taiga (Forests with rivers);
  • Savannah;
  • Tundra Nevada;
  • Desert

In the console, mobile, and Windows 10 editions – Call Bedrock – it is also possible to find villages in environments derived from those listed above, such as plains of flowers or taiga hills, depending on what the game presents.

Who is the Villager in Minecraft?

Villagers are an important part of the world and can help players on some occasions. Find out who are the villagers in Minecraft and what these characters can do.