How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft?

There are different types of creatures in Minecraft like cats and foxes. Some are hostile, like Creepers, and will constantly attack you, requiring you to be properly equipped with weapons and armor. Others are luckily more friendly and can even be helpful.


Knowing how to tame a horse in Minecraft is an important process, and highly recommended when you need to travel to distant biomes, as it is one of the fastest means of land transport found in the Mojang Studios title.

A quick word about horses in Minecraft

There are over 30 types of horses in Minecraft, the difference coming only from the color of their coat. They were present from the very beginning, so they are among the ‘oldest’ creatures.

These horses have between 15 and 30 health points. However, as soon as you tame a horse in Minecraft you can put it on special armor, which allows you to gain additional life points. This is particularly useful if you plan to face monsters in his company. Unlike player armor, there are only four types of armor for horses: leather, iron, gold, and diamond. What’s more, they can easily climb mountains and swim. But to take advantage of all these features, you have to tame this creature.

Before taming a horse, the player must find a saddle, as it will be used to ride the animal after taming it. The item cannot be crafted, so some exploration time may be required. Search chests in the following locations:

  • Bastion in ruins;
  • Ancestral city;
  • End City;
  • Strength;
  • Nether Fortress
  • Dungeon;
  • Desert Temple;
  • Jungle Temple;
  • Village.

Horses can be found in plains, a relatively flat biome with few trees, or in savannas, a flat and dry biome. They are normally in groups of 2 to 6 animals, along with some donkeys that can also be domesticated.

How to tame a horse in Minecraft?

 Find the horse

Once tamed, you can ride the horses, breed them, and give them equipment. But first, to tame a horse in Minecraft you have to find them! They are not present in all biomes. You can find them in the plains, the savannah, and the village stables. Generally, they are found in fields or near a watering hole. In any case, never look for them in the forest because they simply do not appear there.

Taming the horses

When you find a horse, you have to ride it until it accepts you. The duration depends on the character of the animal, whose hidden statistics range from 0 to 100: you must exceed 100 for the horse to be tamed. To reduce the duration, do not hesitate to give him food, and know that the statistic increases by 5 points each time he ejects you from his back.

Once 100 points are exceeded, small hearts appear above the horse, indicating that you have succeeded. You can then ride it normally, feed it, equip it, and much more.


Types of horse

In the game there are three types of horses:

  • Horses: with different colors and colors, can be domesticated;
  • Zombie Horses: greenish skin and black eyes, cannot be tamed;
  • Skeleton Horses: body composed only of bones, rarest variation in the game that is the result of lightning, but disappears quickly if there is no interaction. It cannot be tamed, but it can be ridden.

Characteristics of a horse

The horse’s speed varies between 4.8 blocks per second to 14.5, which is why it is widely used by players for locomotion. It is also very useful when climbing mountains, as it can jump more blocks than the player, however, it is not possible to enter the nether with a horse.

Furthermore, other characteristics and behaviors of a horse are:

  • The animation of the horse eating grass does not make it disappear;
  • If the player tries to saddle an undomesticated horse, it will lift its front legs;
  • Horses do not attack even if hit;
  • They can be attached to a rope, except for the Zombie Horse;
  • They can be taken on carts;
  • Their health regenerates over time, unlike other animals.

Ready! This way the horse is domesticated and can be used to navigate the world. To control it, the keys are the same for movement and jumping that the player uses.


Horses are some of the most useful creatures in Minecraft and taming the horses is beneficial. They can be used as a ”vehicle” and can easily be made to reproduce to always have more animals available.