How to make a saddle in Minecraft?

Earning a saddle in Minecraft can be difficult if you’re not prepared. Such a valuable item in the game cannot be manufactured like so many others; we will teach you how to find a saddle in Minecraft.


What are saddles?

Taming horses in Minecraft is an easier task than it seems. Saddles are used to ride horses, mules, and pigs in Minecraft. However, to get a saddle in the game Minecraft you need to find one. You can find them in different chests, dungeons, and temples.

How to get saddle in Minecraft?

The four distinct ways to get saddles are as follows:

Treasures hidden in dungeons, castles, or sunken ships

Just find a treasure chest in any dungeon, castle, or sunken ship, under the sea. Of course, there are difficulties involved, such as enemies that will attack you or, in the case of water, your character’s breathing limitation. The following locations/structures have chests that may contain saddles inside. Each chest has a different percentage chance of having a saddle. The best rate is from the Nether Fortress and the worst is from the Fortress.

  • Bastion in Ruins – hoggin stable chest
  • Ancestral City – chest
  • End City – chest
  • Fortress – altar chest
  • Nether Fortress – chest
  • Dungeon – chest
  • Desert Temple – chest
  • Jungle Temple – chest
  • Village – armorer’s chest
  • Village – Savannah House Chest
  • Village – tannery chest

Shopping with Villagers in Villages

Buying from Villagers can be easy, but they usually only accept emeralds – an item that is not easy to obtain at the beginning of the game and we do not always have significant quantities to spend on a saddle. The price varies.  To identify a villager who can sell saddles, it’s very simple: just look for the character with brown clothes and a white apron on the front.



Fishing is the hardest way. This method of making a saddle in Minecraft may not be the best option for some users – still, it’s worth a try to acquire the accessory. Unlike the other tricks, the basic version of fishing requires a high level of patience from the player, as the chances of finding the item instead of fish and trash can only be 5%. Therefore, this alternative is usually the last alternative for players, being used only when there is no way to make a horse saddle in Minecraft any other way. There is a chance, every 120 fishing trips, to get a saddle by pure luck on the tip of your hook. 


Obtaining saddles through the popular drop

To get a saddle by drop, simply kill any creature that is using a saddle. Ravagers always drop saddles when killed, so focus on finding them to farm the item.

How to use the saddle in Minecraft?

The saddle can be used in different ways depending on the animal. To use it on a tamed Pig or Horse, simply approach it with a saddle in hand and press the interaction button to place it on it. For horses, users will first need to tame the horse. It is also possible to place the saddle through the inventory menu, as if it were equipment, in the same way that armor is placed on horses.

How to tame and ride a horse in Minecraft using saddle?

To tame Horses in Minecraft the user will only need persistence. Horses appear naturally in Plain biomes, large open green fields, and also in Savannas, characterized by a darker shade of green and Acacia-type trees. When you find them, use the interaction button without having any item in your hand and your character will ride them. For a few months, the horse will knock you down, until hearts appear to indicate that it is tamed. Once the horse is tamed, the user can place a saddle to move it freely. Without the saddle, the animal will walk on its own, without responding to the player’s commands.

How to make a llama saddle?

Llamas are temperamental animals in Minecraft, which although they can be tamed and ridden, cannot be guided by the player. For this reason, it is not possible to place a Saddle on a Llama in the game. Some users sometimes get confused because the Llama has a space in its inventory to receive an item, in the same position as the Horse receives the Saddle. However, this space can only receive Carpet, an item made of wool that serves as decoration in the environment and also for the Llamas. To guide a Llama, the player needs to use a Lasso to pull it.


How to get a saddle in Survival mode of Minecraft?

Survival mode is the traditional Minecraft mode, the same one in which players live most of their adventures. In both Survival and Adventure, Saddles can be found in the same locations, in-game buildings, commerce, fishing, and with Looters. Only in Creative mode is it possible to obtain Saddles without these methods.


Where to find a saddle in Creative mode of Minecraft?

Minecraft’s Creative mode allows users to have access to all its resources without worrying about obtaining them in traditional ways or managing their survival. To find a Saddle in Creative mode, simply open your inventory and use the shoulder buttons to navigate to the “Equipment” tab, where the Saddles will be available. You can also use the search system and search for “Sela” to find her.

Can the saddle only be used on horses?

The saddle is multipurpose, that is, it is not just for horses. Pigs, mules, and donkeys can also be ridden. Other animals are not yet compatible, but the choice is up to each player and the difference between them is minimal. Probably the biggest surprise for most players is that the saddle can also be used on Wanderers, the creatures in the Nether that are immune to Lava.