How to make and break Obsidian in Minecraft

Obsidian in Minecraft can help build some of the most powerful items in the game’s blocky world.


Minecraft has several materials to create items, but Obsidian perhaps opens up the greatest possibilities. Once obtained, the player’s journey in the game’s universe expands along new paths, with portals to other dimensions, Enchantment Tables, and Beacons. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to make, break, and obtain Obsidian in Minecraft. 

Obsidian spawns naturally when water touches a Lava source block. It is important here to understand the difference between the Lava source and just lava, as only the source is capable of generating Obsidian. A source block is one from which lava spreads in other directions. The scattered trail of lava itself, when in contact with water, turns into pebbles.

The player can make Obsidian himself by throwing a bucket of water into a Lava source block and then carefully mining it. To mine Obsidian, you must have a Diamond or Netherite pickaxe, but it is worth remembering that the user will not have Netherite if they have not been to the Nether at least once. A pickaxe made of any other material can even break the block with insistence, but it will not be able to generate Obsidian.

How to Make and Break Obsidian

  • Step 1. Find a place where there is Lava and throw a Bucket of Water nearby. Remember to block the water so you don’t get thrown into the Lava;
  • Step 2. Use a Diamond or Netherite pickaxe to extract the block;
  • Step 3. Build things with Obsidian, such as a portal to the Nether that uses 10 blocks (the ends are optional) and allows you to travel to another dimension, for example;
  • Step 4. Obsidian alongside Diamonds and a Book can also be used to create an Enchantment Table, which makes your tools more powerful;
  • Step 5. One option is to build an Ender’s Chest with Obsidian and an Eye of Ender, which will hold your items regardless of where you open it;
  • Step 6. Lastly, as one of the most powerful items in Minecraft, Obsidian can be used to create the Beacon, along with a Nether Star.

How to mine obsidian in Minecraft?

Mining Obsidian is another story: just any pickaxe is not enough, you need one made of diamond and it will still take you approximately 7 seconds to break a block. If you use another pickaxe, you will break the block, but you will not get the material. Regarding creation options with Obsidian:

  • Ender’s Chest: x8 Obsidian and x1 Eye of Ender
  • Lighthouse : x5 Crystal, x3 Obsidian and x1 Nether Star
  • Enchanting Table : x4 Obsidian, x2 Diamonds and x1 Book

The most well-known creation of Obsidian is the portal to travel to the Nether. You have to create a rectangle 5 blocks high and 4 wide, leaving two vertical rows of three blocks in the center of the structure. You can also opt for the same structure but without the corner blocks of the previous one.