How to Make and Use a Beacon in Minecraft

The beacon in Minecraft goes beyond just having a light to guide players. There are many ways to light up the nights of Minecraft with in-game items, but perhaps none are as stylish as the lighthouse. In addition to illuminating their surroundings, beacons in Minecraft project a vertical beam of light into the sky, making them useful as landmarks for navigation, and they can also provide buffs to nearby characters.


Although the Beacon requires a certain number of objects to build, it is an essential element for players who are advanced in the game and who want to benefit from the beam of light to find their way but above all take advantage of buffs permanently active in a certain area. These buffs include speed, haste, resistance, jump increase, and strength. Beacons are especially useful for traveling around the settlement you’ve built, the place where you primarily spend most of your time. The more you build your pyramid, the greater the scope of these status upgrades remains.

beacon is a fairly sturdy item that, once crafted, still recovers as a single item if destroyed. Although building and using a beacon in Minecraft is a lengthy process, it is completely doable! This guide will first show you how to build a Beacon and then how to use a Beacon in Minecraft.

What you will need to make a beacon in Minecraft

To craft a Beacon, players need a full set of items, some of which are quite rare, but the reward is worth it. For players who do not have experience in Redstone, they will not have to worry as it is completely useless in designing a beacon. Here is the list of items that are needed:

  • 5 glass blocks
  • 3 black obsidian
  • 1Nether Star

The most complicated resource to obtain in this list is undoubtedly Nether Star because you will have to fight and kill a Wither. Fortunately, for those willing to fight this creature, the Nether Star is obtained automatically after defeating the wither, you will not have to fight him several times. For Obsidian it can be made by pouring water over an active lava pool, and there is a helpful guide for glass; just melt sand in an oven.


How to activate a tag?

Unfortunately, crafting the beacon is only part of what is needed to get the rewards from building it. For a beacon to activate, certain conditions must be met. First of all, the beacon must be able to shine high in the sky, and therefore cannot be placed with blocks above it. (There are a few exceptions, such as glass, water, and the Nether Ceiling itself).

The trickiest part of activating a beacon is that it must be placed on a platform of at least 6×6 metal blocks. Blocks that work are Iron, Gold, EmeraldDiamond, and Netherite. All of these blocks must also be solid blocks of the base material which can be crafted with 9 ingots. There are several combinations including a base of 3×3, 5×5, 7×7 or 9×9 blocks:

Once the beacon is placed and emitting its beam, it can be used to provide powers to players within its range. To do this, you must select an effect in the interface, and make an offering, that is to say, place a choice of an Iron ingot, A Gold bar, A Diamond, an Emerald, or one Netherite Ingot in the bottom box, then click on the “Validate” sign in green.



Whether you want to use strength to fight enemies or haste to easily deconstruct structures, a beacon in Minecraft will help you in your objectives. However, it doesn’t have to be one or the other since you can combine pyramids to get multiple abilities. This can take a lot of time and resources, but it is worth the effort due to maximizing all the beacon buffs. 

Either way, both you and the players will enjoy the benefits after setting everything up. Just make sure you have enough tools to collect all the minerals since this is a grind. Otherwise, build small structures to selectively choose powers. Regardless of the configuration, enjoy your new effects on your base to continue your Minecraft adventures!