How to make a fire in Minecraft?

Check out how to make your fire in Minecraft to gain a light source, cook food, and signal your location.


Making a fire in Minecraft is a simple task. In the ” Village & Pillage ” update, the game gained a new item called Campfire that helps adventurers in their first moments in the game. In addition to becoming a light source by functioning as a torch, it also allows you to cook small amounts of food without using any fuel. Another use of the item is to signal a specific point on the map thanks to the pillar of smoke it leaves in the sky. Check out the following tutorial for a step-by-step guide on how to create your campfire in Minecraft.

The campfire takes longer to make food than a furnace, but it is capable of cooking up to four different items at the same time – one in each corner of the block, without needing separate fuel such as coal or logs. The bonfire can be extinguished in a few ways, such as emptying a bucket of water or interacting with it using a shovel. However, it will not be extinguished by rain. After being extinguished, it is possible to relight it with a flint. The range of your smoke can also be expanded by placing a bale of hay directly under the fire pit.

How to make a fire in Minecraft?

Campfire in Minecraft has many functions. Knowing how to make a fire in Minecraft will help you not lose your camp during exploration, cook without wasting fuel on survival, and light up the darkest nights. See how to build in the following lines.

  • Step 1. Obtain at least four logs from any type of tree;
  • Step 2. Use the Crafting menu to transform one of the logs into four wooden planks, and then transform two wooden planks into four sticks. You need at least three sticks to create the fire;
  • Step 3. Look for a piece of coal in caves or mountains and extract it with a pickaxe;
  • Step 4. Once you have all the items, use a crafting table to create a fire;
  • Step 5. Place your bonfire somewhere on the map so you can use it. There is no need to worry about wood, as the fire pit does not spread fire and acts like a torch.

Possible uses and interactions of the campfire in Minecraft

Produce light

Source of Light — like torches, the bonfire burns eternally and can only be put out by water and bottles of water; The primary purpose of the campfire, as you will have understood I think, is to produce light, it also has a lighting level of 15;  which is the maximum possible in  Minecraft. Additionally, a campfire can be put out with water and relighted with a lighter.

Cook food

It’s not all of course, it is also possible to use it to cook foods such as raw beef, raw chicken, raw pork, raw mutton, raw cod, and raw salmon. You can put up to 4 foods on a campfire and the cooking lasts 30 seconds, which is 3 times longer than in a  stove.


Well, I grant you, it’s not the most fun or the most useful, but contrary to appearances, this little block can kill you. Indeed, the latter will inflict half a heart on you per tick (1 tick = 0.05 seconds). But unlike fire, campfire doesn’t spread and set you on fire.

Smoke signal 

The smoke reaches up to 10 blocks in height, if you add hay the height more than doubles, it will serve as a reference so as not to lose your camp.


They look great decorating hall centers, feel like you are in the homes of ancient Viking lords.

Extract honey

When placed under hives, they allow the extraction of honey from the bees’ house.