How to make a Dispenser in Minecraft

See how to craft the Dispenser, or Ejector, in Minecraft to expel items and discover other interesting functions.

Making a Dispenser in Minecraft is the desire of many players. The game has several useful blocks for interacting with items and one of the most interesting is the “Dispenser”, or “Ejector”. This block is capable of firing items when receiving a command from the user or a Redstone circuit, but it gains even more functions when used in conjunction with specific items. Check out how to craft your Ejector in Minecraft and how to use it in creative ways in Minecraft.


Crafting a Dispenser is easy, as it only requires seven Cobblestone blocks, a handful of Redstone, and a Bow on a Crafting Table. The only requirement is that the Bow cannot have been used before, it must be new, without the usage bar visible. When ready, the player can place items inside the Ejector as if it were a chest and they will remain stored there until they receive a command to expel them. The command can come from a button or lever directly or indirectly. Upon receiving this signal, he will throw an item out.

The Ejector gains extra functions with certain items. When loaded with arrows or fireballs, he can fire them as projectiles at enemies. If there is a bucket of water or lava, it will expel water or lava respectively. If there is a flint inside, the Ejector will set the block in front of it on fire. It is also possible to place Boats and Mine Carts, as long as it is facing the water or tracks depending on the vehicle.

How to make and use the Ejector or Dispenser in Minecraft

  • Step 1. Use a Crafting Table to transform seven Boulder blocks, a handful of Redstone, and a Bow into an Ejector, or Dispenser;
  • Step 2. Choose how you will activate it, directly with levers and buttons, or indirectly with Redstone;
  • Step 3. Load the Ejector with the item you want to fire;
  • Step 4. Activate the Ejector to expel the item you placed in it previously;
  • Step 5. Remember that you can also place the Ejector pointing upwards if you wish;
  • Step 6. Items such as Water Bucket, Arrows, Flint, and Lava Bucket can be placed in the Ejector for different effects;
  • Step 7. Boats and Mine Carts can also be expelled by the Ejector, as long as they are in the water or on tracks, respectively;