How to make a boat in Minecraft?

Find out how to make a boat in Minecraft to navigate the game’s waters and explore more of the map without getting tired or in danger.


Minecraft holds many secrets and adventures within its waters, oceans, and rivers, such as creatures, treasures, and more. But it’s not always possible to swim with just your character, whether for breath or energy. It is necessary to have a boat to be able to sail long distances and it is very simple to make one. So, find out how to make a boat in Minecraft.

What are boats for?

Boats in Minecraft take your character, items, and other creatures and mobs to different places. A boat moves freely through the water, with the same normal walking command as the character, but without wasting energy.

Boats in Minecraft can function both as items and as vehicles. You can collect them by attacking repeatedly until they drop as items. As vehicles, they have the same speed as a Mine Cart and do not reduce the Hunger bar, so they are great means of transport.

How to make a boat?

To make a boat, it’s very simple. They exist in six variations within Minecraft, but they only differ in color. These colors are defined by the type of wood used to build the boat. The player will need to create his boat on a workbench. Additionally, you must have the following ingredients:

  • Six wooden planks (of any type)
  • A wooden shovel

Step 1

Hit some trees until you have six Wooden Planks and two Sticks.

Step 2

Use a crafting table to transform a Wooden Plank and two Sticks into a Wooden Shovel.

Step 3

Use a crafting table to transform the Wooden Shovel and the remaining five Wooden Planks into a Boat.

Step 4

With the ingredients in hand, go to the workbench and:

  • Press the “Use” option;
  • Choose “Items”;
  • Choose the boat of your choice.

The boat will be created and will come to your inventory if there is space. After that, just place the boat in any place with water, get in, and use it.

Step 5

Place it in the water with the same button that positions the block: left trigger on consoles, right mouse click on PC and touch the screen on smartphones.

Step 6

Use the same method to enter the boat by pressing the trigger, clicking, or tapping on the boat.

How to get on and off the boat in minecraft?

The method for getting on and off the boat in Minecraft varies slightly depending on the platform you play the game on. To enter the ship in Minecraft:

  • On PC: right-click on the boat;
  • On consoles: press the left trigger on the controller;
  • On cell phones (Android and iPhone): touch the boat with your finger.

How to get off the boat

  • On Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and other consoles, press the right analog stick inwards.
  •  In the PC version, press the left Shift key.
  • On Android and iOS smartphones, tap the “Leave the boat” button on the screen.

How to use boat for travelling on land in minecraft?

It is worth noting, however, that the boat is also used for traveling on land, in an unofficial way, which is quite curious. This function is used to transport, for example, villagers to work in a village of their choice, obtaining a profession as a merchant or bookseller.

The speed of the boat on land is extremely low and the control is not the best, but it is a peculiar operation that can generate funny moments during the game. To get out of the boat, just break it with any tool.

boat in minecraft-

Fun facts about boat in Minecraft

  • There are six boat versions in Minecraft, but they only change in color. The tone of the boat will be defined by the type of wood used in the construction of the boat.
  • Typically, the boat holds up to two units. That is: two humans, one human, and a small animal or an animal that occupies two squares, such as bears. It is possible to take Mobs not controlled by the player with the vehicle.
  • Boats can be used on dry land. However, the speed of movement is drastically reduced.