How to make a cake in Minecraft?

A cake in Minecraft is an item that can be used to recover the player’s energy bar. However, you need to gather the right ingredients. In addition to serving as food, cakes in Minecraft can be found in buried chests or purchased from specific vendors. Discover these and other interesting facts about food in the game for computers and cell phones. Learn how to make a cake in Minecraft below.


Ingredients to make a cake in Minecraft

Among all the recipes present in the game Minecraft, the cake is one of the most complicated, because it requires many unusual ingredients and its shape is not necessarily easy to remember. A cake is made like any other item: on the work table. To make a cake in Minecraft, you will need four items:

  • 3 buckets of milk;
  • 3 wheat;
  • 2 servings of sugar;
  • 1 egg

Minecraft Cake Recipie

Step 1. Wheat in Minecraft can be obtained by planting seeds. Seeds are generated by destroying grass or stealing from inhabitants of small villages in the game worlds. 


Step 2. Milk is easy to get, but not very intuitive. First, you will need three buckets, crafted with three Iron Bars each;

Step 3. Select the buckets, approach a cow, and press the left trigger to get the milk. Repeat the process three times;

Step 4. Sugar can be obtained from sugarcane, but it only grows on sand blocks adjacent to water blocks. You can plant them yourself but first, you will need to find them in the wild;

Step 5. Eggs are laid by chickens in short periods. As it would be very difficult to follow the bird all the time, it is recommended to raise them in an enclosed area close to the house; 


Step 6. Once you have all the ingredients, go to the work table and press the left trigger. Look for the food tab and one of the last items will be cake. Confirm to create it;

Step 7. Unlike other types of food that you eat directly from the item bar, the cake needs to be placed on the stage as a common block;

Step 8. Press the left trigger on the cake to eat it. The number of pieces can vary between six and seven depending on the game version. Additionally, more than one person can eat the same material;

Step 9. After placing the cake on the map it is not possible to get it back, so you have to consume it in that same place, so make sure you place it in a useful location.


Features of cakes in Minecraft

Unlike most foods, a cake in Minecraft cannot be consumed as an item on the heat bar. The item also needs to be placed on the stage as a common block before being eaten, and multiple players can eat from the same cake simultaneously.

Attention: once you place the cake on the map, it will no longer be possible to take it back to the inventory. Therefore, the idea is to only put the cake if you are going to eat it there, precisely to avoid wasting the item.

Each cake crafted in Minecraft has seven “slices,” and each user consumes one slice of the cake. Each slice restores 2 hunger and 0.4 saturation, which means that eating a whole cake restores 14 hunger and 2.8 saturation.

A partially eaten Cake does not return to inventory. You will need to go back to the solid block where you placed it to finish it.
Cakes attract Pandas. Just place it close to the animal and it will walk towards the food.
Preparing a Cake for the first time grants the achievement of “The Lie”.

Candle Cake

To decorate your cake, you even have the option of using a candle on top of the cake. The item does not change the main characteristics of the cake, but it can help in dimly lit environments, as cakes with lit candles emit level 3 light. Clicking directly on the candle will make it go out.