Minecraft seeds: see the list of the 10 best seeds

Check out the best seeds in Minecraft to venture into unusual worlds in this game, with mountain villages, desert islands, and looter outposts.


Minecraft seeds are really fun resources. The game is known for its blocky world to explore, but it is randomly generated – and is rarely the same for different players. However, it is possible to control what your Minecraft world will look like through seeds.

To use the seeds in Minecraft, simply select “Create New” at the top of the world selection menu. Select “Create New World” on the next screen, and the world creation options will appear. One of them is an empty box in the “Seed” field – if it is left blank, the game will generate a random seed. Therefore, fill in the field with one of the codes from the list below. After selecting the seed and defining the other details of your world, the user must click “Create” to generate a world with the content listed below.

Best Seeds in Minecraft

1. Giant Mansion (Seed: 2033394339)

Many players go an entire adventure without finding a mansion in Minecraft, so seeds with mansions are always useful, but what about a giant mansion? In this world, for some reason, the mansion was created far above normal and turned into an even more interesting place to explore and perhaps turn into your new base. Just follow the map location to find it.

2. Desert Island (Seed: -1865786728)

This is a challenge map for advanced Minecraft players who want a different experience. In this seed, the user is dropped on a desert island with a few trees and few resources to survive, while some neighboring islands can also bring useful items, but require effort to reach.

3. Divided World (Seed: -1992876879)

The craters that divide the world in Minecraft offer environments conducive to adventure. The Seed of the Divided World bears a rare crater that meets the ocean. Here, the player has the chance to venture into the seas on one side or sink into a pit of lava in search of diamonds on the other. Just be careful not to fall into that deadly fall.

4. Mushroom (Seed Kingdom: 992826707)

For players who want to base themselves in a mushroom island biome, this seed offers quick access to the environment, with a bit of the common world plugged in to make it easier. One of the biggest advantages of this biome is that it has no monsters at night, which makes it perfect for peaceful bases.


5. Mountain Village & Monsters (Seed: 1231267014)

It’s a little rare for villages to appear in the middle of mountains and this one takes on an especially unique look with some suspended houses, as well as a farm for players to have quick access to animals. The village also hides some secrets, as in the hole in the mountain where one of its plantations is located there is a spider spawner that can be used by the player to accumulate experience points.

mountains seeds in minecraft

6. Cold Battles (Seed: 262834868)

This is a very interesting seed for players who want to see what’s new in the recent Village & Pillage update. The icy battles bring a village and a marauder outpost close together in the middle of a frozen biome. It’s a bit of a hostile environment for new players. However, for veterans, it is possible to experience the effects of killing the raider boss and bringing torment to the village with the “Bad Omen” effect. This is capable of causing enemy attacks in waves.


7. Rich initial map (Seed: 1961838222)

The “Rich initial map” seed brings some of the best environments in its first moments, in addition to being quite rich in variety. There are several different villages in the surrounding area – one of them right in the middle of a crater. There is also a looter outpost, a temple in the desert, and, right next to it, there is a zombie village, which is especially interesting for players who haven’t seen one yet.

8. Ice Survival (Seed: 2223210)

The “ice survival” seed is ideal for players who want to test their survival skills. The code places the user in a huge frozen biome with few resources and lots of space to explore. Some villages in the surrounding area can help make the environment less inhospitable. However, even in the middle of the ice, there are some dangerous lava traps.


9. Unsunk Ship (Seed: 343145341)

Typically, Minecraft ships are at the bottom of the sea. However, in this specific seed, there is a perfectly good ship stuck on the beach. You can use it to create a very different base than normal. There are also interesting elements in the surroundings, such as a looter post that can be seen from the ship and a desert temple.

10. Islands and ruins (Seed: -1673096729)

The “islands and ruins” seed is interesting for players who like to explore ocean biomes. The code brings underwater surprises, in addition to some islands with ruins. The user can obtain some items from hidden chests, create an environment of mystery, and also enjoy the idea of ​​exploring in the middle of the ocean.