Minecraft Chest: How is it made, what is it for and what types exist?

The chest is an object that is never missing in any Minecraft house. The function of the chest in Minecraft is to store objects, materials, and everything that we want to keep safe, organized, and classified according to our criteria or preferences. There are two types of chests that we can make in Minecraft, normal chests and Ender chests.


Normal chests allow you to store and collect items by opening the chest containing those particular items. In addition, the normal chest can be “improved” or “expanded”, to do this we just have to place a normal chest next to another normal chest. This way the two chests will be joined and we will have a chest with double the capacity.

The Ender Chest allows you to connect your inventory (that of the chest) with any other Ender Chest in the world, that is, we can leave it at home and carry another in our inventory. If we place the Ender chest that we carry and open it on the ground, we will have access to the inventory of the Ender’s chest that we have at home, without us being at home.

How to make a chest in Minecraft?

Learning how to make a chest in Minecraft is perhaps one of the game’s most important features. This is because these tools allow players to expand their inventories, storing their important items safely while they are having adventures and exploring caves. Therefore, even a single chest can make a lot of difference.

Each of them offers 27 individual spaces to store and stack items, plus you can expand them by joining two blocks side by side to create a large chest with 54 spaces. Another advantage is that all types of wood can be combined to generate chests. In this article, see how to take advantage of them!

  • 1. Collect raw wood from trees;
  • 2. Transform raw wood into wooden blocks;
  • 3. Create a workbench;
  • 4. Once done, place the wood on it to create a chest.

How to make an Ender chest in Minecraft?

To make an Ender’s chest we will need two materials, obsidian and an Ender’s eye. We will find obsidian in the depths of the mines, although we can generate it by throwing water on lava. We can get Ender’s eyes by eliminating Endermans. Ender chests, unlike normal chests, cannot be doubled.


What types of chests are there in Minecraft

There are different types of chests in Minecraft, all of which can be created using similar resources. However, each of them has unique characteristics and functionalities. Check out:

End Chest

Made from nine obsidian blocks and an eye of the end, the End Chest is a block that offers one of the most incredible features in the game. All items stored in this chest are shared among all end chests in that world.

So, it’s as if all your items were “synchronized in the cloud”, available at any time, even in different dimensions, through the end chest. They typically spawn in the Deep End Cities and can be obtained after sealing the legendary End Dragon.

Bonus chest

In Minecraft, you can also find incredible treasures through bonus chests. They are automatically generated in your world and can be found in villages, dungeons, abandoned mines, forests, witch houses, and even the Nether castle.

Trap chest

A trap chest can be an ingenious tool for surprising players when you’re playing Minecraft online. By combining a chest with a trap hook, you can create a surprise chest that explodes dynamite when opened. It is also possible to create a Redstone trail and use levers in these chests.

Boat trunk

Combining a boat and a trunk allows you to take multiple items for a trip on the high seas. When you are rowing, you can direct your character backward and access the items stored in the chest. So, this can be great when you go exploring unknown islands.

Trolley trunk

You can also combine a chest and a cart to move your items along tracks in dungeons and abandoned mines. This feature can be very interesting for those who are building complex underground structures. It is worth checking!

In short, these are the main types of chests you can build in Minecraft. Did you like this tip? Share this article with your friends!