How to tame a Parrot in Minecraft?

Taming a parrot in Minecraft can be very useful for the player. These animals have an interesting ability to reproduce the sounds of monsters that are nearby and, thus, can even alert the user to the presence of a Creeper before it is too late.


If the user does not find it initially, it is necessary to remember that parrots need a little lighting to emerge. Therefore, very dark places in the jungle, such as under the shadows of trees or leaves, may not serve as a source for them. After finding a parrot, check out the steps below to see how to catch it.

A fun fact about Minecraft parrots is that, when they were added to the game, they were tamed with chocolate chip cookies. There was some controversy over the fact that chocolate is toxic to real parrots and that Minecraft could cause children to accidentally poison their birds. An update changed the birds’ food to seeds other than cocoa, and feeding it a chocolate chip cookie causes a deadly poisoning status.

How to Tame a Parrot in Minecraft

  • Initially, when they were first added to the game, parrots in Minecraft were attracted to cookies and could only be tamed by being fed a cookie by the player. 
  • However,  Mojang was soon warned that chocolate is toxic to birds and can even kill them, so this was quickly changed. So now,  if you feed a parrot a cookie in Minecraft, it will die because of the chocolate chips in it. There are four options when it comes to taming a parrot and they are all seeds. To tame it, you can feed the bird beet seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, or wheat seeds.
  • Step 1. Obtain Seeds by destroying grass patches. It is also possible to use watermelon, pumpkin, and beetroot seeds;
  • Step 2. Approach the parrot and give it the seed to eat. If there is any doubt about how to feed the parrot, just press the left trigger on the controller, the same one that places blocks. On PC, it is the right mouse click that performs this function;
  • Step 3. There is a one in three chance of the parrot being tamed, which is indicated by the hearts that appear around the animal. After being tamed, the bird follows the player, unless the user tells it to sit and stay in one place by pressing the interaction button when it is perched;
  • Step 4. Occasionally, the parrot flies to the player’s shoulder, but it is possible to “force” this position by touching it while it is perched, but not sitting. The parrot can fly in certain situations, such as when the player is hit or enters water.

How to breed parrots in Minecraft

Unfortunately,  it is not possible to breed parrots in Minecraft. They only have the adult form and feeding two parrots close to each other will have no effect. The only way to spawn a new parrot is with a  Parrot Spawn Egg, available only in Creative Mode.

How And Where To Find Parrots? 

 There are five different colors of parrots in the game and they are all based on real life parrot breeds, the colors in the game are red, blue, green, cyan, and gray. Finding parrots in Minecraft is not necessarily easy. Indeed, unlike, for example, cows or sheep, parrots are birds that cannot be seen in all the biomes of the game. As you will have understood, it is therefore in a very specific area that you can see parrots: the Jungle biome (easily identifiable thanks to its very dense vegetation, but unusual biome).

If you are in a Jungle biome, wander around to find parrots. Don’t hesitate to look up from time to time, because these animals are, obviously, present on the ground as well as in the air. Typically, parrots travel in small groups, but you may see one alone. In any case, you may encounter parrots of different colors. For our part, we saw a dark blue one and we, in particular, tamed one that was light blue, yellow, and green.