How to create and cure zombie villagers in Minecraft?[2024]

With this strategy, you will be able to cure zombie villagers in Minecraft in just three steps, and even create them.

cure-zombie villagers in Minecraft

What are Zombies in Minecraft?

Zombies in Minecraft are one of the most curious peculiarities that you can find in your adventure, being a constant threat regardless of the version of the game you have.

These zombies are capable of infecting practically any villager, although it changes depending on the difficulty level you are on, and you could gain considerable advantages if, for example, you end up healing a zombie villager. We are going to tell you exactly how you can cure zombie villagers, how they reproduce, and also how we could create them.

How to create and cure zombie villagers in Minecraft?

Curing a Zombie Villager is a little difficult, as it requires some complex steps. First, the player needs to create a Potion of Weakness and then a Golden Apple – which, used together, will heal him. However, the process takes some time and, during this period, the player cannot move away from the Zombie Villager, so that he does not disappear, in addition to protecting him from the sun so that he does not burn like other undead. If the user leaves his side, there is a good chance that the character will just disappear like many other monsters, something that does not happen once he is in human form.

You probably already know this, but these zombie villagers are spawned when a normal villager is killed by a zombie. Depending on the difficulty, these zombies reproduce in a greater or lesser way. For example, if we are on the easy difficulty level, the spawn rate when a villager is killed by a zombie is 0%, going to 50% on normal difficulty and 100% on hard difficulty.

How to cure zombie villagers

If we cure a zombie villager, it will provide us with great discounts for any exchange in the future, and you will also get some very particular achievements and trophies.


  • A throwing potion of weakness
  • a golden apple
  • Locking a zombie villager indoors

You can buy the throwing potion from villagers, find it in loot, and practically any type of item that causes weakness can be used, including the lifelong potion of weakness or even an arrow of weakness.

How to make A Weakness Potion

  • Step 1. Gather a Spider Eye, a Brown Mushroom, and a handful of Sugar to create a Fermented Spider Eye;
  • Step 2. In a Potion Stand, mix a Nether Fungus with three Bottles of Water to obtain three Strange Potions;
  • Step 3. Mix the Fermented Spider’s Eye with the three Strange Potions to obtain three Potions of Weakness;
  • Step 4. Mix Gunpowder, obtained from Creepers, into the three Weakness Potions to make them Throwable Weakness Potions.

Step by step to cure a zombie villager:

  • Step 1. Lure a Zombie Villager into a trap where it will be protected from sunlight. It can be anything from a complicated Redstone trap to a simple hole in the ground;
  • Step 2. Once locked in, throw the Potion of Weakness at him to apply this effect.
  • Step 3. When he is under this weakness effect, select the golden apple and use it on the zombie. Give the Zombie Villager a Golden Apple made from an Apple and eight Gold Bars;
  • Step 4. If you do it right, red dots will appear around the zombie and it will start to shake. Wait near the Zombie Villager until he returns to human form.

How to create zombie villagers

  • As easy as attracting any zombie to a village, and having it enter one of the houses at night.
  • You could lock both the villager and the zombie in a small structure, with a roof, until the villager is killed by the enemy.
  • So now you know how to create zombies in Minecraft and also how to heal zombie villagers to obtain a series of rewards in trade.

How to summon a giant zombie in Minecraft

Giant Minecraft Zombies are mini-bosses that have been removed from the game. You can summon giant flesh eaters using the chat command in creative mode. The giants are well-protected and do a lot of damage. Players can use them for various challenges or surprises. Using a special command, you can scare or surprise your friends in Minecraft with a giant zombie.

Features of giant-zombies in Minecraft

  • The giant has 11 apples and his model has 12. That’s six times the height of a zombie.
  • At the moment, the giants do not have artificial intelligence. This way, they will always face south when summoned, without turning their heads, wandering, or chasing the player. However, they can move if hit.
  • The direction of your face can be changed with a command.
  • Giants also exist in the Xbox 360 and Xbox One editions, but they require third-party modifications to move their spawn egg into the player’s inventory.
  • There are no giants in Bedrock Edition.
  • If they are sitting in a car, they are hovering in the air.
  • Minecraft’s developer says they won’t remove it from the game because it’s awesome.