The complete guide to islands in Minecraft

Islands in Minecraft can hide various secrets, depending on their biome, where the type of blocks found and creatures vary.


Islands in Minecraft can also be part of a biome, the environment that determines an area of ​​the game. They can be made of ice, with mushrooms, or just deserted. It is possible to understand more and know how to explore.

Islands in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game based on random terrain generation. When we start a new world within the game, it creates the map randomly, so that each map is different for every player and every game. And so, this random generation creates mountains, cliffs, caves, and islands.


Just like in real life, Minecraft islands are similar to what we have: small portions of land, always surrounded by water. Everything that is in the rest of the game is in them and, in some cases, we may have surprises.

Minecraft islands, however, are rarely very far from dry land. They are usually within the player character’s common vision range. Additionally, being on an island could also mean that there is a sunken ship nearby. Sunken ships are fixed structures in Minecraft that can be explored in search of chests, which in turn contain valuable items such as equipment, gold, or even diamonds. And it is some of these islands that are the rarest biomes in the game, which you can find below.

Mushroom Biome

Mushroom Islands are the most confusing, unique, and different biomes in Minecraft. These are places made up only of small and giant mushrooms, without common trees, and with a very different type of land.

Within mushroom biomes, players are safer, as no enemies appear on this type of island – however, they can chase the player through the water and arrive at the same location as the player. The ground here is grayish and without much life, formed by the blocks of Mycelium, that are only found in this location. Mycelium has a very curious characteristic, as it releases spores, regardless of where they are.

Finally, it is also on the mushroom island that players find the infamous mushroom cows, also called “coguvacas”. They are like common cows but with mushrooms on top and a different color. However, mushrooms give milk, similar to ordinary cows, and, can become ordinary cows, as long as the mushrooms are ripped from their backs.

Ice Spikes Biome

Ice Peak Island is also rare and usually found on islands or locations that already have several snowy environments. It is with the ice peaks that we also find Compact Ice and Blue Ice, which are equally difficult to locate and collect, being used for the most diverse constructions.

It is in this type of Ice Island Biome that the player comes across huge stalagmites, facing the sky, which can break if broken at their base. Furthermore, igloos are common here, with secret passages and other details that are rarely discussed.

Mesa Biome

Table Island is very rare. It brings the table biome, which mixes different terrain colors into one. This environment is also known as “Bandland”. They are very isolated environments. From afar, it resembles those large canyons that exist in North American deserts and is always a biome with a huge variation of colors in its blocks. The Mesa Island biome is also made up of clay blocks, also known as terracotta. It used to be possible to create these blocks in Minecraft, but now they are only found in this type of territory.

There is no very valid tip for finding any of these islands or biomes in Minecraft. The main tip is unique: always explore the game map, very carefully and with a lot of desire. Especially the mushroom island, which is perhaps the rarest because it is in an extremely isolated place and far from where the player is born. But, when found, it can be a good shelter, as it does not generate enemies and monsters.

Frozen Oceans

By spending a lot of time exploring the waters of the Minecraft world it is possible to find frozen portions of the ocean that can be explored as islands. These areas can be sources of resources like snowballs and ice. On other occasions, it is possible to generate shipwrecks in these locations, which can make them good loot points. However, be aware that it is also possible for polar bears to spawn in these locations as well.