Roblox vs Minecraft: What are the differences between these games?

When talking about the most popular games in recent years, it is necessary to include Roblox and Minecraft. Two video games that, a priori, seem to be almost identical but have big differences between them.

If you want to know the differences between these games focused on creation, fun, and creativity, join us throughout this article to discover them. Roblox vs Minecraft: What is each of them?


We must first clarify that Roblox is not a copy of Minecraft. Contrary to what many think, Roblox was born in 2004, while Minecraft was released in 2009. However, the great growth and popularity of the second relegated the other for a long time.

On the one hand, Roblox is a platform designed especially for creating universes and sharing online with other players. Through it, millions of users can design their games and share them with others for free.

For its part, Minecraft is an open-world video game focused on exploration and construction. In it, users have the possibility of creating their universes using everything that surrounds them in the game where everything is cube-shaped.

Differences between Roblox and Minecraft

Very well, both are based on creating, building, and sharing these designs with the community, but… What differentiates them? Although they have many similarities, we can find five essential characteristics to separate both video games and we present them below.

Playing style

When talking about Roblox, we are referring to a game where the community itself has the power to create and develop its games and publish them so that others can play in them. Likewise, it is possible to relate Roblox to a marketplace where players can sell, post, buy, sell, and even exchange items with each other.

As for Minecraft, the variety of games is much more limited, since while in the first there are millions of different games, here there are only five modes: survival, extreme, creative, spectator, and adventure. Certainly, within each of these modalities, there is the possibility of being in an infinite world, the main objective is to survive through the collection of food and materials.
In addition, you can build everything you want, from a castle to a river and everything you can imagine… and well, also fight some zombies or avoid being blown up by a mine.


To enjoy Roblox you do not need to make any type of payment, since the game has a completely free-to-play mode. However, you can choose the Roblox Premium membership which has three plans: $4.99, $9.99, or $19.99 per month. This subscription will give you benefits that you obviously cannot enjoy with the free version, such as the possibility of earning real money through your PayPal account by buying, selling, or exchanging objects.

As for Minecraft, there are different options depending on the version you want, starting at $7.99 regularly or a one-time charge of $9.99 – $26.99 – $47.99. From then on the game is free, although at more advanced levels you may have to make an additional payment.

Graphic level

Although many think that the graphics between both games are the same or at least very similar, the point is that they are not. On the one hand, Roblox offers a more realistic aesthetic, perhaps more similar to what a Lego game would be. For its part, Minecraft has the characteristic 8-bit pixelated design that has distinguished it for so many years. However, it allows textures to be improved, which is not possible in Roblox.


If there is something that should be highlighted between both titles, it is the importance of socialization between players. On Roblox‘s part, they provide all possible tools so that users can communicate constantly, become friends, join groups, chat online, and even follow other players, just like on a social network.

As for Minecraft apk, it also offers these types of functions for communication, although not as strong as we can see in the other since it is more focused on the solo experience. Even so, in Minecraft, you can enjoy everything you want with your friends and other members of the community.


Here Roblox has greater potential than Minecraft. On the one hand, it allows you to enjoy an incredible catalog of options that allow users to personalize their characters within the game, being able to change their clothes, face, and accessories, modify their physical appearance, and create clothes in your style. Yes, can you imagine a robot with dragon wings? For its part, Minecraft certainly allows you to place skins on characters within the game, but not in the same way or with the variety that Roblox does.

Roblox vs Minecraft, which is better?

To tell the truth, deciding which is better among Roblox and Minecraft is very complicated. It can be said that both are the best in their field, despite sharing playing styles, the experience is very different, as is their approach.

It will be up to each user to decide which is their favorite according to the type of game they prefer and the experience they are looking for when playing either of these two titles. Do you like to play in a group and enjoy a different game each time? Then you’re more of a Roblox fan. If, on the other hand, you enjoy exploring more and building everything you want alone, then you will surely prefer Minecraft. The decision is up to each player.