Minecraft – How to Make and Light Candles

In this guide, we will teach you how to create and dye candles in Minecraft. In Minecraft, candles are a great light source to add a decorative touch to a room, to create mood lighting for a Halloween decoration, or to illuminate a birthday cake.


How to make candles in Minecraft and what materials are needed?

To create candles in Minecraft, you must first obtain the appropriate resources. The rope is mainly obtained from spiders and their webs, found in caves and underground mines, while honeycomb is harvested from bee nests or synthetic hives created by a player. Bee nests have a very high chance of spawning in meadows, but the odds decrease dramatically in other biomes. Strings can be purchased via:

  • Killing spiders and cave spiders;
  • Killing cats;
  • Killing Loggers;
  • Destroying cobwebs;
  • Breaking trap wire;
  • Fishing;
  • Looting chests in dungeons (from the Ruined Bastion, Forest Mansion, Dungeon, Plunderer’s Outpost, and Desert Temple structures);
  • Receiving as gifts from cats;
  • Trading with villagers.

Once you have the necessary resources, you can create candles using the crafting table. By default, candles come in an off-white, waxy color, but you can also combine a candle with a dye to produce a colored candle. To light the candles you will need a lighter, the same tool used to activate the Nether portals. This tool is made from an iron ingot and flint, a resource extracted from gravel. You can extinguish the candles by touching them with your hand.

If you want to mass-produce candles in Minecraft, it’s important to have a good source of rope and honeycomb. For example, you will have to find a cave spider spawner. And building several hives near flower-filled areas will ensure you can create as many candles as you want.



  • They will give more play to less useful items, such as threads or honeycombs.
  • It is a new source of light, which is always appreciated.
  • It has 16 colors, with 4 different positions… a dream for those who like to decorate.
  • They do not break underwater (although they cannot be lit).
  • They are stacked in blocks of 64.
  • Only candles that have not been colored before, yellowish ones, can be dyed.
  • They do not respond to gravity, so if you break the block they are on they will float.

How to use the candle?

The candle can be placed on any solid structure but must be used in covered environments, as contact with water can render the object unusable. For adventures outside the base, it is recommended to make and use a torch. To place the candle in the environment, simply be close to a structure and press the interaction button. Up to four candles can be placed in the same block. To light it, you need to use a flint, also known as a lighter.

Burning candles generate fire and are a level 3 light source, and you can stack up to four candles in a block. Three methods can light candles in Minecraft (if you are using Bedrock Edition, you can also use swords and books with the Flaming Aspect).


The simplest way to light a candle is using a flint. Flint is a tool created using two materials: an iron bar and flint, placed horizontally next to each other.


You can also use the combat item, the fireball, to light a candle. The fireball can be obtained by looting chests, in exchange with Piglins, or through crafting with blaze dust, charcoal (or charcoal), and gunpowder.

Fire… in general

You can also use your common sense – any incendiary item you can throw can light a candle. An exception is fire arrows, which only affect players, mobs, TNT, or bonfires.


To what extent do they illuminate? Enough, but a little less than I would like. A single candle gives 3 levels of luminosity or light, two candles give 6 of light, three candles give 9, and four candles give 12 . The only drawback that candles have is that they give a little less luminosity than torches, which give 14, but even so, it is very easy to put more on nearby blocks (basically because they look VERY good).

To make colored candles, you must first make the basic type, the white candle. Then, place this standard candle next to a dye. That simple.

In Minecraftwhite candles only require two ingredients: thread and honeycomb. They are placed vertically, with the line above the honeycomb.


In short, candles are a very useful and versatile item in Minecraft. This guide provides information on how to collect the resources needed to create candles, how to dye them with dyes, how to light and extinguish them, and how to mass produce them for use in decorations and celebrations. By having the right information, players can use this item to create a unique and interesting atmosphere that their friends and family will love.