How to make a torch in Minecraft?

Learn how to make a torch in Minecraft to ward off creatures; It’s a simple task, but one that can be easily forgotten.


The torch is one of the most basic items in the world of Minecraft. It has existed practically since the game was created and is one of the first items you should create, as they are used to illuminate caves and also to ward off monsters that appear when night falls. As in the real world, the torch is a small piece of wood with the tip on fire. The fire, however, is never extinguished, even when it rains. It only goes out or breaks if the location contains running water or if it is broken manually by the player himself.

Torch Types in Minecraft

While the conventional torch, made from coal, is the most used in the game, there are some others that the player can obtain throughout their sessions in the game’s universe. They are:

  • Redstone torch: used as a lighting source and also as a circuit component;
  • Torch of Souls: serves as a source of lighting, but with a different tone. It can only be made with Areia das Almas or Terra das Almas;
  • Underwater torch: only available in the Educational and Bedrock Editions, emits a beam of light when diving and cannot be extinguished by water;
  • Colored torch: another type of torch only available in the Educational and Bedrock editions, allows the player to change the color of the flame.

How to make Torch in Minecraft

  • Step 1. Torche in Minecraft can be created with Sticks and Coal, whether common or vegetable charcoal;
  • Step 2. To create sticks, use Wood transformed into Wooden Planks and then into Sticks, or Bamboo which can be converted in a ratio of 2 Bamboo to 1 Stick;
  • Step 3. Regular coal can be found naturally in the world of Minecraft, but it is not a renewable fuel source;
  • Step 4. To create Charcoal, place Wood Logs in a Furnace with some type of fuel, even other Logs, and the result will be the material. It can be used to create torches in the same way as regular Coal, but it is renewable.

How to make Soul Torch?

  • The Soul Minecraft Torch is a blue variant of the regular torch that generates less light and does not melt ice. To create them, the same items are used, Stick and Coal, with the addition of Earth of the Soul or Sand of Souls, both found in the Nether.

How to make a flashlight?

  • Step 1. Once you have 1 Iron Bar, use a Workbench to transform it into 9 Iron Nuggets. You will need 8 of them to create the lantern;
  • Step 2. Use a Torch and Nuggets to craft a Lantern;
  • Step 3. Unlike Torches, Lanterns can be placed on the ceiling. The Lantern can also be crafted with the Soul Torch to create a Soul Lantern.

How to make Redstone Torch?

  • The Redstone Torch in Minecraft is an essential piece of Redstone circuitry that emits a continuous signal, but it is not often used for lighting. To create one, simply combine a Stick with Redstone Dust to create it.

How to make Halloween Pumpkin?

  • Step 1. A Halloween Pumpkin (Jack O’Lantern) emits as much light as a Torch. To create it you will first need to have a Pumpkin, whether planted or obtained in the world of Minecraft ;
  • Step 2. Using a Clipper, interact with the Pumpkin block to transform it into a carved Pumpkin and then collect it;
  • Step 3. Attach the Pumpkin to a Torch to create a Halloween Pumpkin.

Uses of a Minecraft torch

  • The torch is one of the most used objects in the game, serving primarily for lighting but also preventing explosive Creepers, Spiders, and other enemies from approaching your buildings. 
  • Additionally, the torch in Minecraft can also be used to melt layers of snow and ice blocks. 
  • The torch can also be a decorative object used by the player, especially during Halloween, when players light up pumpkin heads with torches.
  • The torch’s most important use, however, is in scaring away monsters.