How to make the End Portal in Minecraft

See how to make the end portal in Minecraft on Survival and Creative so you can access The End and enjoy the end of the game.

Everything comes to an end, even in Minecraft. To access the “end” of the game in the adventure you must enter through the End Portal, which is normally found in specific locations and can only be produced in some aspects. Find out how to make the End Portal in Minecraft and other tips.

What is The End Portal in Minecraft

The End is a large Minecraft island surrounded by small distant islands, mostly composed of rocks. The difference between the central island and the outer ones is about 1000 blocks that make up the void.

In this space, there is no day and night cycle and its lighting is barely noticeable. The aesthetic pattern of the islands is empty and static, but most items and blocks function as they do on the Surface. It is the best shortcut to find the Minecraft dragon.

How to make the end portal in Minecraft?

  • Step 1. During the night, face the Endermans, the big black monsters with long limbs. They can teleport, so it’s not always a fair fight;
  • Step 2. After defeating an Enderman there is a chance that it will leave behind an Eye of Ender, a green pearl. Accumulate several of these, as you will need more than a dozen;
  • Step 3. Build a portal to the Nether using 10 Obsidian stones in a rectangular shape measuring 4 wide x 5 high, without the corners, and lighting it with a Lighter made from an Iron Bar and Flint;
  • Step 4. Once in the Nether, look for an enemy fortress and explore it until you find a Spawner, a block with bars that creates monsters around it. Look for a Blaze Monster Spawner, a creature that flies and has yellow sticks floating around it;
  • Step 5. When you kill a Blaze there is a chance that you will receive a Glowing Rod and you can use it to produce some Blaze Powder;
  • Step 6. Back in your world, outside the Nether, combine the Eye of Ender with Blaze Dust to create an Eye of the End. You will need more than 12 of them;
  • Step 7. Use the Eye of the End and it will begin to float on its own, pointing in the direction of where there is an End Portal. Follow that direction for a bit then use your eye again to make sure you are on the right path;
    Note: The eye will float for a few moments and then fall, pick it up to use it again. Sometimes the eye is destroyed after floating, so it is unknown how many Eyes of the End it will take to get there.
  • Step 8. Continue following the Eye of the End until it reaches a fixed point, it will indicate the presence of an End Portal in that area;
  • Step 9. Dig in a spiral (you should never dig straight down) until you reach the End Portal or the fortress that houses it;
  • Step 10. The End Portal is made up of 12 blocks that need to be activated with 12 End Eyes. Place one on each block and it will automatically open a portal to The End where you will face the Ender Dragon, so be prepared!

How to Create an End Portal in Minecraft PE

The first thing you need to know is that no matter which mode you build the end portal in, you will need 12 Eye of Enders in your inventory. If you’re in Creative, you can just grab them from your inventory. If you are in survival, you can make them by combining the following items:

  • 1 x fire powder
  • 1 x Ender Bead

How to Create an End Portal in Minecraft Creative Edition

In Creative mode, you can create an end portal by placing the appropriate blocks in a specific orientation. The items you will need to create the frame are listed below.

  • 12 x End Gate Frame
  • 12 x Eye of the Enders

Once you have them in your inventory, it’s time to build the frame. This is usually where people get confused, as many players don’t know that block placement is not the only requirement. You should also have the blocks all facing inside the frame. Take a look below to see how they should be placed.


As you can see, the blocks are highlighted and cropped inside the frame. This is to help you see how to face inside each End Portal Frame block. The easiest way to achieve this is to follow the steps below.

  • Standing in one place, place three end portal frames in a row. Rotate 90 degrees. Repeat the first step, but start the frame at the corner of the previous row. Repeat steps 2 and 3 two more times.
  • When you’ve finished creating the frame, you should see something like the image on the right in the sequence above. Now it’s time to place the Eye of the Enders.
  • Place an Eye of Ender in each end portal frame block. When you have placed all 12, it will form the final portal shown in the image on the right above.

How to Create an End Portal in Survival Mode

The trickiest part of creating an end portal in Survival mode is simply finding the end portal. Once you find one, simply place an Eye of Ender in each end portal frame. After that, the inside of the final portal will turn into the star square you see above. You can then jump through to get to the end!