How to make a frame or painting in Minecraft?

Painting in Minecraft is used to decorate environments and can bring some funny secrets within the game and random art.


Paintings are simple and practical items that when positioned, generate a normally random painting. You can make one or buy paintings from merchants and villagers. Find out how to make a painting in Minecraft and use it to decorate your house in the game – or any other environment.

What is a frame in Minecraft?

The painting in Minecraft is nothing more than a decoration. It does not serve as a barrier, it does not work to deal damage beyond the standard with bare hands, and it does not change the environment in any way, except for the painting it carries, and which will adorn the wall. In a way, it is a superfluous item, but it can bring an extra creative air to the player’s home in the game.

How to use a frame?

The painting sticks to any wall in the game, as long as it is smooth and has enough space to display the work. The art displayed is random. There is a fixed list of more than 20 that is present in all versions of Minecraft.

How to create Frame Or Painting in Minecraft?

Minecraft has two types of frames that can be crafted by players: Frame and Painting. Frames are very useful for holding your items and creating map rooms.  Both items are very easy to manufacture, with eight Sticks and a piece of Leather or Wool, depending on which you want to make. They are also easy to apply.

 In the case of the frame in Minecraft, simply place it on a wall and then place an item that will be displayed on it, including maps. The Painting in Minecraft is also placed on the wall, but its size is determined by its positioning and the number of free blocks around it. The art that will be shown in the Painting is chosen randomly. The player can destroy the Paintings and Frames by hand and replace them until they are to their liking.


How to make a framed picture

  • Step 1. Obtain eight Sticks from Wooden Planks and one Leather obtained from cows or horses;
  • Step 2. Use a crafting table to craft the Frame;
  • Step 3. Place the Frame on a wall with the interaction button, the same one used to place blocks;
  • Step 4. Place the item you want to be displayed with the interaction button. It is possible to rotate it with the same button used to place it;
  • Step 5. If the item is a map, the frame will occupy the entire block and it will be possible to place more maps next to each other to form an even larger map;
  • Step 6. You can also use a Clock to create a functional wall clock.

How to make a painting in Minecraft

  • Step 1. Obtain eight Sticks from Wooden Planks and one Wool of any type obtained from sheep;
  • Step 2. Use a crafting table to craft the Painting;
  • Step 3. Place the frame on a wall and remember that the frame will adapt according to the size of the wall;
  • There are 16 shades, many of which are made using wool dyes in the game. Creating wool of different colors does not change anything visually, so that obtained naturally, from sheep, is the shortest way. If you have a farm, obtaining wool becomes even easier. The available wool colors are:
  • White;
  • Orange;
  • Magenta;
  • Light blue;
  • Yellow;
  • Green Lemon;
  • Pink;
  • Gray;
  • Light gray;
  • Cyan;
  • Lilac;
  • Blue; Brown;
  • Green;
  • Red;
  • Black.

Placing the frame

Go to the wall and select the painting in Minecraft, an item that will be exposed and have some free blocks around it. Select the frame and simply place it with the action button and the painting is also placed, however, the art that will be shown is chosen randomly. Even though the image shown in the painting is random, it is part of a group of 26 paintings made by Swedish artist Kristoffer Zetterstrand, who also worked on versions of the game. The artworks that are placed on the wall are titled:

  • Alban: 1×1 painting depicting a man next to his house in the desert;
  • Aztec: 1×1 painting paying homage to the Aztec map from the game Counter-Strike ;
  • Aztec2: 1×1 tableau that is another homage to the game mentioned above;
  • Bomb: 1×1 frame, another tribute to the Valve classic ;
  • Kebab: 1×1 frame with a drawing of a kebab with three red peppers;
  • Plant: 1×1 frame depicting two plants;
  • Wasteland: 1×1 painting that depicts a small animal in an arid biome;
  • Graham: 1×2 painting in homage to the character Graham, from the King ‘s Quest series ;
  • Wanderer: 1×2 frame, pixelated version of the painting ” Wanderer Above the Sea of ​​Frog ” by Caspar David Friedrich;
  • Courbet: 2×1 painting that features two walkers greeting each other. It is based on the painting of the same name by painter Gustave Courbet;
  • Creebet: 2×1 painting where a Creeper, a character from the game, appears on a window sill;
  • Pool: 2×1 painting that shows some people in a swimming pool;
  • Sunset: 2×1 frame that shows the sunset;
  • Sea: 2×1 frame showing the view of the sea through a window;
  • Match: 2×2 frame with a statue of Marcus Aurelius and pixelated fire around it;
  • Skull and Roses: 2×2 painting with a painting showing a skeleton at night surrounded by roses;
  • Stage: 2×2 frame with landscape from Space Quest I and the character Graham from King’s Quest ;
  • Void: 2×2 painting where an angel appears to pray to the void;
  • Wither 2×2 table that describes the creation of the game character;
  • Fighters: 4×2 tableau paying homage to the game International Karate ;
  • Kong: 4×3 frame that is a clear homage to the original Donkey Kong;
  • Skeleton: 4×3 frame that pays homage to another classic, the game Grim Fandango;
  • Pointer: 4×3 painting paying homage to the game International Karate and referencing Michelangelo’s painting in the Sistine Chapel;
  • Pig scene: 4×4 painting of a girl pointing at a pig;
  • Skull on Fire: 4×4 painting with a skull on fire.

Using this knowledge, the player can, in a way, define which image will be shown in the painting on the wall, and then place other paintings in the empty spaces, decorating them however they want.