How to grow sugar cane in Minecraft?

Check out how to plant sugar cane in Minecraft to be able to create different foods and also items that use paper.


Planting sugar cane in Minecraft is a simple task. The game has several plants that can be cultivated for different purposes and sugar cane is one of the most useful in the game. In addition to producing sugar to make useful foods and potions, this is an item that can also be used to create paper. Paper in Minecraft is a high-value item for exchange with villagers and can also be used to create books and fireworks. 

How to grow Sugar cane in Minecraft?

To be able to plant sugar cane, the player first needs to find it in their world. It grows naturally near rivers and is most common in desert biomes. It is also possible to acquire it from the Nomad Merchant on random occasions. Sugarcane can be planted in four types of blocks: land, grassland, sand, and podzol. There is also another requirement: the block where the Sugar Cane will be planted must be exactly next to a water block, which can be provided with a bucket.

  • Step 1. Explore your Minecraft world in search of sugar cane that grows naturally near rivers and break it to acquire it;
  • Step 2. Choose one of the compatible blocks to plant your sugar cane;
  • Step 3. Position a block of water adjacent to the block you chose with a bucket and plant the sugar cane;
  • Step 4. Wait until the sugar cane grows and you can harvest it. Always break it from the second block so that the first remains planted and generates more sugar cane in the future.

Tips for Planting Sugar Cane

  • Sugarcane should be planted on soil or sand directly next to a water source.
  • Sugarcane should be planted in a well-lit environment.
  • Harvest all parts of the sugarcane except the bottom block, this will allow it to continue growing.
  • Are you looking to grow sugarcane on a large scale? There are two popular designs for creating gigantic sugarcane farms:
    • Dig long horizontal trenches and plant sugar cane along the banks. This method is not the best use of space, but it is very easy to harvest.
    • Plant four sugarcane crops around a single water tile. This technique is the best use of space but is often a pain to harvest.


Finding a Sugar Cane in Minecraft is very easy since it usually appears naturally near water (it will always be attached to a block of water), so if you are looking for it, it is a good idea in any type of water formation you have. in your world. It is not unusual for them to appear in these conditions, it should be easy for you to find one of them.

Once you find it, simply hit the cane with your hand to pick it up. My recommendation is that you never take the entire cane (it stacks on itself to grow) and that you always leave the block of Sugar Cane at the base so that it can be stored. can continue to grow in the future. Keep in mind that we can find canes up to 4 high as long as they have been generated naturally, when you grow them this varies a little, but we will go into detail below.

In snow biomes it will be much more difficult to find it naturally since it is not very common to find blocks of earth stuck to the water since it freezes and turns into blocks of ice.

What is sugar cane used for in Minecraft?

Sugar cane is used to generate both paper and sugar. Both, are necessary ingredients to create a large number of objects. So, although it may not seem like it, we are talking about a material that has a lot of use in Minecraft.