How to make TNT in Minecraft in an Easy way

Check out how to create powerful dynamite blocks and learn how to activate TNT in Minecraft boxes to cause large explosions from a safe distance and without taking damage.


Minecraft allows players to modify their blocky world with various tools, including TNT, i.e. dynamite. This block can be used to quickly clear a large area and also as a weapon to create traps against enemies. TNT blocks have some unique properties in Minecraft. To make them explode, the user must first activate them, which can be done with a Flint/Lighter or by a Redstone signal, such as a lever, button, pressure plate (like in the Desert Temple), etc.

Once activated, TNT gains properties different from any block in Minecraft, such as being able to suffer the action of gravity and being free from the game’s traditional grid of blocks. When activating more than one TNT block, the explosion of one of the blocks can even throw the other, something that users use to create cannons in the game.

Once activated, TNT takes around 4 seconds to explode and can cause 3 to 5 blocks of damage in all directions. Some blocks are resistant to explosions, such as Brick Blocks or Obsidian. An option is also to surround TNT with water so that it does not cause damage, a process used in the creation of Dynamite cannons. See how to craft and use the following block:

Ingredients to make TNT in Minecraft

To make TNT in Minecraft, you will only need two materials:

  • Sand: can be found practically throughout the game, but mainly in the Desert Temple. It doesn’t matter if it’s common sand or red sand;
  • Gunpowder: available in Forest Mansions, Dungeons, Shipwrecks, and the Desert Temple. It can also be purchased from street vendors or through defeated creatures, such as Creepers, Ghasts, and Witches, who drop small amounts on the ground.

In addition to manufacturing in the crafting tool, you can also find ready-made dynamite in specific locations in Minecraft. These include shipwreck chests and treasures buried at the bottom of oceans, rocky coasts, and beaches.

Can TNT be found naturally in Minecraft?

Yes, TNT is naturally found in the Minecraft universe. But the main problem is that they are very rare and are found in abandoned chests in sand temples or shipwrecks. So the easiest way to get TNT is to craft them using the recipe. Remember, you need to detonate a TNT to make it work. The safest way to detonate any TNT is to use any leverage signal.

How to make dynamite in Minecraft

Now that you know the materials needed to make TNT in Minecraft, it’s time to craft the explosive. For that:

  • 1. Open the crafting tool in the game;
  • 2. Place five parts of gunpowder in an X shape, as in the image below;
  • 3. Fill the remaining four fields with sand (common or red);
  • 4. Wait until the TNT is manufactured;
  • 5. To activate dynamite, use a flint, fireball, energized redstone, or any item enchanted with Fire Aspect.
  • Each combination of five pieces of gunpowder and four pieces of sand generates a block of dynamite. TNT takes four seconds to detonate.
  • You can also make a mine cart with TNT using dynamite + mine cart. Or even underwater dynamite with TNT + sodium.

How to use TNT in Minecraft

Dynamite in Minecraft are items that can help with exploring denser parts of the game. However, as they have a high destructive capacity, they must be used in a controlled manner to avoid accidents. When manufacturing a TNT, it is recommended:

  • Use in small quantities, as several pieces of dynamite together can lower the game’s FPS;
  • Set the TNT on fire within a radius of 7 blocks to avoid damage;
  • Do not activate TNT if it is close to flammable liquids, fire, or lava;
  • Do not use TNT in areas with lightning and thunder;
  • Use dynamite in defensive booby traps or to clear a path in mining areas.
  • It is worth noting that it is not possible to use TNT against rock, obsidian, and liquids that are not flammable.

How to explode TNT in Minecraft

When you place TNT, you need a way for it to activate and explode. TNT can be activated by igniting it with flint and steel, a flaming arrow, lava, or a fire charge. Additionally, you can also trigger it using a Redstone charge. Connect it to a lever, pressure plate, or button, and make sure you are close enough to the TNT for the resulting activation to reach it. Having TNT close enough to other exploding TNTs will also trigger a chain reaction explosion.

 Players and monsters in the water near an exploding TNT will not feel the effects of the explosion. Broken objects can be destroyed if they are close to the center of the explosion, so be careful where you place your TNT.