How to make terracotta in Minecraft?

Making terracotta in Minecraft is one of the possibilities to help with buildings in the Microsoft game. Terracotta is one of the many materials that can be used in these structures and stands out for its hardness and resistance to explosions.


While some Minecraft players focus solely on armor, battles, and enchantments, most players are equally concerned with decorative blocks and creating a space worth experimenting with. One of the most sought-after blocks for this is terracotta and all its variations. In addition to manufacturing terracotta, you can find the item in specific locations in the game. In terms of natural generation, Basic Terracotta, Red, White, Yellow, Brown, Orange, and Light Gray can be collected from the different types of badland biomes. Although these biomes are rare, terracotta is abundant here and mining is the most efficient way to harvest the resource. Next, find out how to make terracotta in Minecraft.

How to create terracotta in Minecraft


To make terracotta, you must first obtain a block of clay. Clay can be found in swamps, rivers, and shallow waters, often accompanied by sand. You can do this by digging up clay and gathering each set of four clays into clay blocks, or by digging up clay with an enchanted silk touch item (preferably a shovel). Once you have acquired the clay blocks, you will need to bake them. This is best done in stacks of eight, but any quantity will do. Common terracotta will be the output of the oven.



Terracotta, like wool, glass, and cinder blocks, can be stained. It is made in sets of eight, and cannot be dyed again. You will need one dye for every eight terracotta you dye, and it can only be dyed by placing a dye in the center of a crafting bench and surrounding the remaining eight squares of terracotta.


The dyed terracotta can also be fired a second time in the kiln, to make one of 16 unique glazed terracotta blocks. From pink arrows to cyan vine faces, these blocks can give your Minecraft home that extra something it’s been missing. They can be placed individually or arranged in different four-block design styles.

You cannot glaze regular terracotta. Overall, terracotta can be used plain or in any of its 32 additional variations. If you want to spice up your Minecraft home, terracotta could be the perfect decorative block for you.


Where to find terracotta in Minecraft

Another alternative to obtain terracotta in Minecraft is to search for mason’s houses in villages on plains and some houses in villages, in the savannah, and the desert. This only applies to terracotta that is not colored. White terracotta can be found as a material in plains villages, while yellow, orange, and red terracotta are available in some houses in savannah villages. Green terracotta is generated in some stonemason houses in desert villages.

More advanced stonemason villagers sell one of the 16 colored earthquakes for the price of an emerald. Each gemstone returns four terracotta blocks to your avatar.