How to make a glass in Minecraft?

If you don’t know how to make glass in Minecraft, you’ve come to the right place. We explain how to do it in this dedicated guide.


There are many decorative items that you can use Minecraft to make your place more chic. No one wants to live in a simple mud hut there all the time in a seed. While there is a chance you can find glass in wooded mansions or end towns, it will shatter unless you break it with a tool with the silk touch enchantment.

In Minecraft, players will have to and will be able to craft many items and materials. Among them, is glass which is quite easy to manufacture. Glass in Minecraft is a material that we cannot get by cutting it or searching for it in a fixed place. To have the glass we have to create it ourselves. However, if you don’t know how to do it, you can discover the steps to follow to make glass in Minecraft, in the following.

Making glass in Minecraft

  • Glass is certainly one of the easiest resources to craft in Minecraft. To get started, you will need a furnace, fuel for that furnace (wood, coal, or lava in a bucket), and sand or red sand. Sand can be found in many places and can be dug out with your hand, but will come together more quickly with a shovel. The Desert and Beach biomes will have them in abundance. Wherever you find it, collect a lot of it to make more glass.
  • Put the sand in the upper slot of the furnace with the fuel in the lower slot. It will start melting glass. When the glass block appears in the right slot, you can move it to your inventory.
  • You now have glass blocks that you can simply place wherever you want, but you can do more. Three glass blocks can be used to craft three glass bottles for making potions. Six glass blocks can be used to make 16 glass panels. These are flat surfaces that look like better windows. You can also color eight glass blocks with dyes on the crafting table to make stained glass.
  • Other items that can be crafted with glass blocks are Beacons, Daylight Sensors, End Crystals, and Tempered Glass. Be sure to research other crafting ingredients needed for these items.


Creating glass windows is very simple. The first thing you need to do is bake the sand to make glass blocks, you will need at least 6 glass blocks to create panels or windows. Once you have all six glass blocks in your inventory, follow these steps:

  • Go to the workbench to make glass windows.
  • In the creation box, you will place 3 glass cubes in the middle and 3 more in the last space. 16 panes of glass will automatically be created that you can use for the window.
  • It is very easy to make a glass window in Minecraft. From this point, everything will be up to your imagination for what you want to do with the created panels.

Uses and functions of Glass bottles in Minecraft

  • Storing water
    You can fill an empty bottle with water. The bottle works to make some types of potions and also to put out fires.
  • Store Potions
    Function that allows you to carry portable enchantments, such as fire resistance, agility, healing, strength, etc. These enchantments can be created on the table designed for this purpose, built from obsidian, some diamonds, and books.
  • Dragon’s Breath
    When a dragon releases a fireball, the resulting smoke can be stored in an empty glass flask. The item becomes a Dragon’s Breath, used to make a lingering potion.
  • Storing Honey
    Honey can be collected directly from an empty bottle in a beehive, or crafted with a honey block. This is an important item, as it restores 6 hunger points, in addition to removing poison effects.