Furnace in Minecraft: How to make a powerful furnace [2024]?

Discover how to make a furnace in Minecraft and see tips for using it in the game to generate new materials and various items.

Furnace in Minecraft

It may seem incredible how much complexity Minecraft offers when creating some items and this is proven when using the furnace. It works like a smelter between objects, which always generates a third, involving materials and fuels. Find out how to make a furnace in Minecraft and learn more about it.

How to Find Furnace?

Furnaces can be made or collected in a scenario where they already exist in Minecraft. There is a natural generation of furnaces that can be found inside gunsmith houses in different villages — and yes, you can steal items from computer characters in Minecraft, without trial or penalty.

Natural obtaining

In addition to the building, the player can find the furnace in the following locations:

  • Villages in plains and desert biomes;
  • In some houses in villages in the savannah biome;
  • It is also possible, but rarer, to find it in houses in villages in the taiga and Nevada biomes.

The other option, and more laborious, of course, is to create the furnace. But it’s not that laborious, since the materials are easy to obtain. All you need is eight boulders or black stones. Boulder is a common block of stone. It is obtained when the player mines a stone, using the pickaxe. It can’t be with an empty hand.


How to Make A Furnace in Minecraft?

Step 1

Find trees and collect some wooden blocks to start the process.

Step 2

Open the crafting menu by pressing E (PC), X (Xbox), or Square (PlayStation), and place four boards in the assembly area to create a workbench. Use it to craft a wooden pickaxe.

Step 3

Find a source of rocks and break them with your pickaxe to collect boulders. You will need at least eight units to build your furnace.

Step 4

Return to your workbench and place the eight boulders in the crafting area, as shown in the image below (with the middle of the area empty). Click to build the powerful furnace, which will be added to your Minecraft inventory.


Step 5

Select the furnace and position it on a surface on the map. Click, or press LT/L2, to start using it.

Step 6

To use the Minecraft furnace, in the lower part, add wood as fuel, and, in the upper part, the item you want to modify. It is possible to transform wood into charcoal and sand into glass, in addition to cooking different types of food, which becomes more efficient in recovering life.

Step 7

For more advanced activities, users can also create a powerful furnace (or auto-furnace), which is capable of performing the same functions as the normal one in a faster way. The process is similar but requires iron bars and smooth stones to create

How to use the furnace?

  • In detail, beyond the introduction of this text, the furnace is a more complex object than it seems. First of all: it differs greatly from the common oven, which is only suitable for food and some organic items. 
  • In the furnace, you can smelt stones, metals, and other non-organic objects. But it is always necessary to have some material to carry out the burning, such as coal, for example.
  • Using the item is the same as using the oven or the workbench. Just combine the item you want to fuse with the desired fuel. After a few seconds, the result will be generated right next to it. The Minecraft furnace is even necessary to create some items, such as:
    • Blast furnace (A type of improved furnace);
    • Mine cart (Optional);
    • Smoker.

There is no use limit for the furnace and the player can change its location by destroying it and collecting the “remainder” left behind. This way it is possible to build a furnace in Minecraft and make complex objects in the game.