Minecraft: see how to make a castle in the block-building game

Symbols of ostentation, castle in Minecraft can also protect the player from enemies. Know more!


Minecraft, a popular simulator available for PC, allows you to create incredible constructions from simple blocks. One of the most common follows a medieval theme: castles. Technically, they are like big fortresses for you to protect yourself from enemies. But, in Minecraft , they can also be symbols of ostentation. In this tutorial, see how to build one in a simple and practical way.

How to make castle in Minecraft

  • Step 1. First choose which type of block you will use:
    • Boulders are common stones obtained with your pickaxe, simple and abundant, they are recommended for those who build in survival mode
    • Smooth stones and stone bricks require more work, are made with stones in the kiln, and use several of them for each block. Stone bricks can also be found in fortresses
    • Slime stones can be found in dungeons, but abundantly only in forest temples
    • Brick blocks can be created by putting together multiple bricks, created by placing clay placed in a kiln. They are not very abundant
  • Note: There is also the option of Nether brick blocks, but it can be very dangerous to obtain them.
  • Step 2. Create the main gate of the castle in Minecraft, it will give a sense of proportion to the size of the structure. It must be large enough for several people to pass through, but small so that enemies cannot invade easily.
  • Step 3. Draw a perimeter around the gate and be ambitious with the numbers. We used 30×25 blocks in the tutorial, but you can build something bigger. Just remember that the work also adds up. Take advantage and mark out towers in the corners. The old castles had towers to have a full view of what was happening around;
  • Step 4. Complete the height of the walls, placing them slightly above the main gate. Ancient castles had plenty of free space vertically;
  • Step 5. Start dividing the interior of the Minecraft castle into rooms and think about where you want each door. It is important to decide now, as later you will no longer be able to have a bird’s eye view of this division;
  • Step 6. After deciding where each thing will be located, raise the internal walls;
  • Step 7. Don’t forget to replace the floors in the rooms according to the purpose you intend to give them. Stone, wood, earth, everything is valid if you have a reason;
  • Step 8. Now, close the ceiling of the first floor with blocks, but don’t forget to make the stairs to the second floor;
  • Step 9. Also don’t forget to connect the towers internally with the second floor. The best way to do this is using stairs with small spiral steps;
  • Step 10. On the perimeter walls, place alternating stones as in old medieval castles. At that time, these stones were used for archers to have both a place for protection and a space to shoot at enemies;
  • Step 11. Start designing the second floor. You can stop there and leave the castle with two floors, but a third is recommended. It is also possible to have extra towers on the second floor to improve the view;
  • Step 12. Finish the towers. But be careful that they are not too high, as you will not be able to shoot enemies from there. After a certain point, enemies disappear in Minecraft ;
  • Step 13. Finish the top with stairs and steps if you want, or redo the alternating stones on the second floor;
  • Step 14. Be creative with your interior decoration, use different items to create unexpected effects. Stairs become chairs, fences become tables or chandeliers. Furthermore, paintings also help a lot with decoration;
  • Step 15. Done! Now, you have a simple, functional Minecraft castle that you can fill with inhabitants or use to keep yourself safe from monsters.