How to make bricks in Minecraft?

Enhance your buildings and houses with more beautiful blocks and lots of flower pots when you learn how to make bricks in Minecraft.


Making Bricks in Minecraft is a task possible in just a few steps. The game offers a wide variety of materials to build your buildings, but Bricks are some of the least frequently used blocks. This is because the material of the blocks does not offer much advantage, in addition to its resistance against explosions. Another reason that perhaps explains its low popularity is the work involved in extracting the raw material, Clay, which is found underwater. 

Material needed for Minecraft bricks formation

Bricks are Minecraft building blocks that, as the name suggests, resemble those found in the walls of many real-life houses. Learn how to make a brick in the game and add extra charm to your creations and homes. To make bricks in Minecraft, you will need:

  • Clay (or Clay Ball);
  • Oven;
  • Any fuel;

The clay ball is obtained from clay blocks, usually found in the sea or near beaches. Each broken clay block releases four balls.

How to create Bricks in Minecraft?

  • Step 1. The first step to creating Brick is to obtain Clay, a grayish material that lies on the slopes of rivers and oceans. When submerged, the coloring may cause the player to confuse the Clay with ordinary Sand. Look for Clay underwater on the slopes of rivers and oceans. When you find it, use a Shovel to extract it;
  • Step 2. Place the Clay in a Furnace with some type of fuel, such as Coal, and each ball of Clay will convert into a Brick;
  • Step 3. This Brick is not used for construction directly: you need to combine four units of it to obtain a block of Bricks that can be used for construction. By joining four Bricks, it is possible to create a block of Bricks that can be used for construction; Brick blocks have a unique industrial look and a texture that expands well when placed side by side, but they are not very useful. They can resist blasts from Creepers and TNT, but these are typically not very practical uses.
  • Step 4. By joining some Brick blocks, it is also possible to create Slabs, Stairs, and Brick Walls (which work as a fence);
  • Step 5. Finally, when three Brick units are placed in a “V” shape on a Bench, it is also possible to create a vase that can be placed on top of other blocks. Then just place a flower on it to serve as an ornament.

What are Minecraft bricks and what are they for?

Bricks are building blocks widely used in Minecraft to build houses, mansions, and fortresses. They resemble real bricks, the kind we see in houses with “exposed brick” construction. It is not found naturally in biomes. Brick is made by smelting clay in a kiln. To be used in construction, it must be processed into brick blocks. Bricks can also be used to create flower pots in Minecraft.


Another way to obtain bricks is to buy them from villagers. In the PC edition, villagers can exchange 10 bricks for an emerald.

Other uses and types of Minecraft bricks

Now that you know how to do it, you need to know what you can create with the material. With them, the player can do:

  • Stairs: You need six brick blocks to create four stairs;
  • Wall: you need six brick blocks to create six walls;
  • Slab: Need three brick blocks to create six slabs.

In addition to crafting with the common brick block, it is possible to build a rarer version, however, you must have visited the Nether and purchased several nether rack units. The process for creating Nether Bricks follows the same conventional logic and can be used to create the same things.

In addition to the Nether Brick, it is possible to create, in the same way as the common brick, versions of:

  • Stone: obtained by breaking fortress walls;
  • End stone: obtained through End stones;
  • Prismarinho: obtained from oceanic monuments;
  • Quartz: obtained after breaking quartz blocks;
  • Slate: obtained from slate blocks.