How to make a Fence or Gate in Minecraft?

Build a fence and gate in Minecraft to improve the look of your buildings and never see animals running away from your farm again.


Fences are blocks that act as a walls. Normally they cannot be jumped over, which makes them great barriers for animals and some types of monsters while maintaining the view of the location. If you don’t want to see your chickens and cows running around, learn how to make a fence in Minecraft and make your buildings safer.

How to make a fence in minecraft?

To make a fence in Minecraft, you will need to gather wood, create sticks, and then combine the sticks to make the fence! We’ll guide you step by step below.

Step 1: Cut Wood

The first thing you’ll need is wood! So, find a tree of any type and cut it down or chop it with an ax. Once you have collected a tree or two logs, you can create boards.

Step 2: Create Planks

Planks can be created by placing wood in the crafting area of ​​your inventory or a crafting table. You will get 4 boards of the type of log that you will place there for each!

Step 3: Create Sticks

Now we need to create sticks! Go to your crafting area or crafting table and place your wooden planks stacked on top of each other! You will get four sticks for every two boards you add.

Step 4: Create the Fence

Now that we have our sticks, we will need to assemble them with wooden planks to create the fence! You will need a crafting table for this part, so make sure you have it created. Now take four wooden planks and two sticks and place them like this: 


For every four wooden planks and two sticks you have, you will get three pieces of wooden fence! Make as many fences as you want for your project. Once you have enough fences, go ahead and place it in your toolbar. Select it and start placing it like you would any other block! For example, you can put it in a basic box format like below. You’ll probably want to leave at least a one-block gap so you can place a door!

Step 5: Create a Wooden Door

Creating the wooden gate in Minecraft is simple because we can use all the same pieces we used for the fence! The only difference is that we use a slightly different total of sticks and boards. For the door, simply place four sticks and two wooden planks! After gathering the ingredients, place the boards on the sides and the sticks in the center. Your fence in Minecraft will be ready next. If you wish, you can make a second gate to place on the opposite side of your fence to allow another way of entry.

Step 6: Complete the Fence!

Place this gate in your fence space and you now have a fully functional fence area! Place a few animals inside and you can start your little farm. Fencing is also a great way to separate parts of your base or to simply keep mobs out so they can’t attack you or your animals.

Nether Brick Fence

This is a special fence made from Nether bricks. It is more resistant and can only be broken with a pickaxe, but it is used in the same way as the traditional one. However, this type of fence is a little more complicated to make due to the material required.  It is only found in the Nether, a more dangerous and difficult-to-access area at the beginning of the game. In other words, to obtain the bricks, you will have to have visited the location at least once.

  • 2 Nether bricks (made by smelting nether rack in a furnace);
  • 4 Nether Block Bricks (made from 4 Nether Bricks).

Place the two bricks in the center of the crafting area and the 4 block bricks on the sides to get 6 Nether Brick Fences. To make larger quantities at once add proportionally more materials.


How to make a fence gate in Minecraft?

The structure of the gates is very similar to what we saw in the wooden fence, only changing the quantity of materials:

  • 2 boards
  • 4 Sticks

The sticks must be placed on the sides of the crafting area and the boards in the center to complete the construction of your gate. It can be opened or closed with the interaction button. Just like Fence, Gate in Minecraft changes its appearance depending on the wood used. For some reason, there is no connection limitation with the Nether Brick Fence, as wooden Gates normally connect to it.


What are fences in Minecraft?

Fences are useful and versatile blocks to have in any building. As before, they function as a wall that cannot be crossed or jumped normally, blocking passages and delimiting areas, but maintaining vision of what is nearby. They are generally used on farms to prevent cows, pigs, horses, chickens, and sheep from escaping from the area. Spiders can climb fences, but monsters like zombies and skulls cannot.

Fences in Minecraft can be made with any wood. The look will depend on the block used: darker woods make darker fences, and vice versa. Furthermore, they can be placed one on top of the other, vertically. Therefore, they can also serve as columns on balconies or lamp posts. When placed close to a wall, the fence automatically “fixes” itself to it. Another common use for the object is in decorations. Placing a fence with a pressure plate on top, for example, forms a small table.