How to make a door in Minecraft

Some objects and buildings, no matter how basic they are, are essential to the Minecraft experience. Knowing how to make a door in Minecraft is one of these objects and should be in every base the user makes, also serving to divide rooms harmoniously.

Without a door, hostile mobs can easily access your building and, depending on which one enters, can cause damage to the structure and objects. To avoid this, prepare your work table and follow the tutorial.


How to build a door in Minecraft?

Wooden door

The wooden door is ideal for the beginning of the game, as the user easily finds the necessary raw materials in the environment. However, the color of the door changes depending on the wood used. It is possible to make doors from:

  • Oak;
  • Dark Oak;
  • Pine;
  • Birch;
  • Jungle wood;
  • Acacia.

Choose the wood you want and follow the steps below to create your wooden door.

  • Collect two “Wood Blocks” from the desired tree;
  • Right-tap on the Workbench and place the block anywhere;
  • Each “Wood Block” produces four planks, the door needs six, so use two blocks to obtain the required number;
  • Then, position the “Wooden Planks” as in the figure below;
  • Drag the door to your inventory.

Iron door

If you want more security, the iron door is the option the game offers. Its creation is also easy, however, to open it it is necessary to activate it through some mechanism.

  • Collect an “Iron Block” in the wild;
  • Take it to the Crafting Table and place it on any grid to obtain nine “Iron Bars”;
  • Position the iron bars in the same way as the wooden door, you only need six to make the door;
  • Drag it to your inventory.

How to open an iron door in Minecraft

With the door finished, it’s time to build something to be able to open and close. There are three options available: button, pressure plate, and lever; Check out how to produce each.


  • Create a wooden board on the crafting table;
  • Place it anywhere on the construction grid;
  • Drag the button to your inventory;
  • Position it next to the iron door you want to open.

Pressure plate

It is possible to make a pressure plate with two materials: wood or iron. The functionality is the same, so it’s up to the player’s preference. To create with wood you need two wooden planks and the iron version requires two bars of the material.

  • Create the necessary materials at the Workbench;
  • Then position them as shown in the image below;
  • Drag it to inventory and take it to your door;
  • Place it in front of the door, on the outside and inside, so it will always open when you walk over it.


  • Access the Workbench and place two Wooden Planks one above the other to obtain a stick;
  • Take a Stick to the construction grid and, below, place a Boulder Block;
  • Drag the lever to your inventory;
  • Place it next to the door to use it.

How to place door in Minecraft buildings

Placing a door in the building is quite simple: just go to the solid building you want to place a door in and right-click to position it. If you want to stylize your base, you can place two doors next to each other, creating a double door.

Ready! This way you know how to create and place this important object in the game. Don’t forget to share this tip with your friends so everyone can protect themselves from dangerous mobs!