How to get Bee and Honey in Minecraft

We give you all the steps so you can create a hive, and also how to harvest honey in Minecraft and find bees.


Catching Bee and Honey in Minecraft is possible by following some tips. The game received Bees and a new pollination system in one of its updates. The new feature allows you to grow honey and speed up harvests with the help of animals. However, raising Bees is not so easy: it is rare to find them on the map, and they are quite temperamental towards anyone who tries to take Honey from their nests. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to catch Bees and Honey in Minecraft.

Where to find bees in Minecraft

The natural generation of Bee Nests in the Minecraft world only happens in Oak or Birch trees, but it is very rare in most biomes (somewhere between 0.035% and 0.2% depending on the version). Only in the Plains, Sunflower Plain, and Flower Forest biomes do the chances increase to 2% to 5% per tree. An even easier way to get Bees is to plant trees with a flower next to them. This guarantees a 5% chance that the new tree will grow with a Bee Nest under its shadow.

Bees always leave the Nest during the day in search of pollen, unless it is raining, and return at night. During their journey, they look for flowers to obtain pollen and return to the Nest while pollinating whatever is on their way back. By manipulating the position of Bee Nests, Hives, and Flowers, the player can even speed up the production rate of their harvest by having Bees pass over their crops with pollen.

How to get bees and honey in Minecraft

  • Step 1. Look for a Bee Nest in Oak or Birch trees;
  • Step 2. When you find it, place flowers around it to make the bees’ journey easier;
  • Step 3. Craft a Glass Bottle to take Honey or a Clipper to take Honeycomb;
  • Step 4. Build a Fire with a piece of Coal, three Sticks, and three Wooden Logs and place it under the Bees’ Nest to calm them with the smoke;
  • Step 5. Wait until the bees enter and leave the nest five times and its appearance should change to indicate that it is full of honey;
  • Step 6. Interact with the Bee Nest with the Glass Bottle to remove Honey or with the Clipper to extract Honeycombs. For the next step, you will need three Honeycombs;
  • Step 7. With three Honeycombs and six Wooden Planks, craft a bee Hive in Minecraft;
  • Step 8. You can attract bees with flowers to your new Hive or destroy a Bee Nest and run away until they calm down and agree to go to their new home. You need to be careful as bees die sometimes after stinging the player;
  • Step 9. The Hive works like the Bee Nest and changes its appearance when it is full. Place a bonfire under the Hive to extract Honey or Honeycomb;
  • Step 10. Four Honey Bottles can be used to create a Honey Block that can slow your fall when you touch it.

How to use honey in Minecraft

  • Honey can be used in recipes with different functions. If you already have the bottle, you can ingest it to recover six hunger points and cancel the poison effect on your character. Furthermore, it is also possible to make the following combinations:
  • Four jars of honey: honey mouth (these blocks are sticky and prevent creatures from passing through);
  • Line + honeycomb: candle (used for lighting or cake decoration);
  • Any copper + honey item: makes the item waxy. Additionally, the honey jar can still be used to generate sugar at any time.