How to make a funnel or hopper in Minecraft?

We will show you Step by step how to use the Funnel or hopper in Minecraft, which allows you to transport items through chests and even create a fully automated stove for your homes.


For those who want to pick up objects or transfer items in or out of chests, you might be interested in knowing how to make a hopper in Minecraft. Additionally, an item of this nature can be used as a crafting ingredient for other objects and as a Redstone component. 

What is needed to make a funnel in Minecraft?

To create a Funnel, you need a Chest, created from wooden blocks, five Iron Bars, obtained by melting Iron found in underground areas in a stove, and a Crafting Table. Left-click on the Crafting Table and find the recipe for creating the Funnel in the Mechanisms tab.


How to create an Iron bar?

Iron bars can be obtained through an iron block or nine iron nuggets. Iron bars can also be smelted, using iron ore and any type of fuel. Here’s how to make a furnace in Minecraft.


Chest Funnel

  • Step 1. Place a block of earth or other disposable material in the place where you want your chest. Place a Funnel so that it connects to this earth block.
  • Step 2. Destroy the dirt block and place a chest in its place.
  • Step 3. Throw some blocks into your Hopper to test how they are stored inside the chest automatically.

Funnel as storage

  • Step 1. A Funnel in Minecraft can also be used as a simple form of storage. To do this, simply place it in any location, without being connected to a chest.
  • Step 2. Throw some blocks into the Funnel if you want to fill it manually.
  • Step 3. Press the left trigger to access the Funnel contents. It is capable of holding five item slots with up to 64 pieces of each material.

Funnel with lever

  • Step 1. Normally, a Funnel automatically passes all its items from one point to another, but it is possible to stop it with a lever. Start by placing a Hopper connected to a chest as normal.
  • Step 2. Position a lever on a block adjacent to the Funnel so that it receives your signals.
  • Step 3. Change the position of the lever to stop the passage of items from the Funnel to the chest, as if turning off a tap. Switch again to resume the original process.

Trunk to trunk

  • Step 1. The Funnel can also be used to remove items from chests and take them to another location. To do this, simply place a Funnel under a chest and it will start removing items.
  • Step 2. Remember to use earth blocks or other disposable material to mark the position of the chests and make sure the Funnels are connected in the correct direction.
  • Step 3. It is possible to connect a second chest to the side of the Funnel so that items can be passed from the top chest to the bottom chest.

Funnel with stove

  • Step 1. Make the traditional construction for your Funnel by using a block of earth or other material in place of your Stove and connect the Funnel to it.
  • Step 2. Destroy the Earth block and place the Stove in place. Add fuel to the Funnel and the Stove will automatically start working.
  • Step 3. It is possible to use the chest technique to create an automated Stove with two Funnels. In this case, the top chest must contain items to be cooked or melted, such as food and ores, while the bottom chest must contain fuels such as coal and wood.

Other tips about the funnel

The funnel (or “ hopper ”) in Minecraft is one of the items that can be shaped and used according to the player’s creativity. It is not only functional, it can also be fully exploited in some cases. A funnel can be pointed downwards or sideways, depending on your objective with it. It is possible to create a feedback scheme for chests containing several hoppers and have optimized storage space.

However, the hopper in Minecraft only has one direction, the first one given to it, is “pushing” the items into its own “body”. It is not possible to change the direction of a funnel, except by redirecting the movement that the object makes at the exit.

Uses of Hopper in Minecraft

The Funnel absorbs blocks and transports them to another place, like a chest or stove. It absorbs blocks when they are in their floating form after being destroyed or discarded, ready for the player to acquire. This makes the Hopper one of the few items that can interact with blocks in this form in Minecraft.


Funnels in Minecraft can be mined and extracted using a pickaxe. If you try to break one using a tool other than a pickaxe, it won’t come loose. Its hardness is 3 and the normal breaking time is 15. However, this time can be reduced when using wood, stone, iron, and diamond, among others.

Funnels can be used as chests, crafting ingredients for other items, or as a Redstone component. Containing an outlet tube at the bottom, its position, which can be adjusted downwards or sideways, indicates the direction in which the component will transport items to the container to which it is connected.

There is also the possibility of creating a funnel inside a mine cart, which allows it to collect items as they are mined by the player if the player walks with the cart at his side. To create a cart with a funnel, it’s very simple: just combine a cart with a funnel.