How to make sticks in Minecraft: the base of tools and items

Check out how to make Sticks in Minecraft, how to find them in nature, and how to create some of Minecraft’s main items with them.


Making Sticks in Minecraft is possible in just a few steps. The game has already gained countless items in its updates, but some of them have been part of the game’s basic structure since the beginning, like the Sticks. They are primarily used to create Minecraft tools, which are essential parts of the gameplay but are also used as the basis for several other useful items.

How to make sticks

The easiest way to make Sticks in Minecraft is with two Wooden Planks that can be transformed into four Sticks. Just hit a tree a few times to get a Tree-type Log, turn it into Wooden Planks, and then into Sticks. You don’t even need to use a Crafting Table. Recently, with the addition of Bamboo to the game, a new similar recipe also appeared that uses two pieces of Bamboo to create a Stick. It’s a solution for emergencies, but it’s still more beneficial to use the basic recipe due to the quantity and ease.


How to get Sticks in the wild?

There is also the possibility of earning plant sticks, a possibility added in more recent updates to the game. When striking leaves from trees, there is a small chance that a Stick will fall from them. It is also possible to earn a stick by striking a dry bush in arid environments such as desert biomes.

Things made with sticks in Minecraft


Sticks are the basis of most tools in Minecraft – basically, anything with a handle needs Sticks in its recipe. With them, you can create Pickaxes, Axes, Shovels, Hoes, Swords, Fishing Rods, and more. The material combined with the Sticks can change, such as Wood, Boulder, Iron, Gold, and Diamond.


The only item made entirely from sticks in Minecraft is the Ladder, an item that can be placed on walls to allow vertical climbing of any height. Seven Sticks create three Ladders on a Crafting Table. They can be placed side by side to create larger stairs and, in the current version of the game, they can even be placed in water. Some creatures may use the ladder but in an unintentional way. If they try to walk in the direction the ladder is, they can climb it.


A basic Minecraft item that uses Sticks are Torches. The common Torch made from a Stick and Coal is used to illuminate locations and, thus, prevent monsters from appearing in those places. The Redstone Torch made with a Stick and Redstone Dust, however, is a more complex object and serves to send a signal in Redstone circuits.

Fences and Gates

Alongside Wooden Planks, Sticks can be used to create Fences and Gates. Fences are blocks used to prevent certain creatures from entering and leaving Minecraft. Although they visually only have a height of one block, they block passage up to one and a half blocks, which prevents creatures from just jumping out of them. Only a few animals can overcome this height, such as horses when jumping and foxes.


Sticks are essential for forming Trails, even if they are not the most important items for doing so. Practically every type of Rail that will be manufactured will need to have at least one Stick to hold the entire recipe, except for the Detector Rail. Trails are used to create paths to be followed in Mine Carts, but the vehicles have lost a lot of speed in recent updates and are not highly recommended means of transport.

Lever and Trigger Hook

Lever and Trigger Hook are two items made with Sticks that can be used in Redstone circuits. The Lever, made with a Stick and a Boulder, can be used as a switch that sends a permanent on or off signal in a circuit. The Trigger Hook can be used to set traps with Threads, which send a Redstone signal when someone or something touches its Thread. The Trigger Hook can also be used to create a crossbow.

Bow, Crossbow, and Arrows

These two long-range shooting weapons can be crafted with Sticks. The Bow is very basic and only needs three Sticks and three Threads. The Crossbow is a little more complex and needs three Sticks, two Threads, an Iron Bar, and a Trigger Hook. The Arrows that are used in both weapons are also made with a Stick, a Flint, and a Feather, which produce four Arrows.


Another item added in recent updates, the Bonfire offers lighting and a way to cook some food items initially in the game. It can be crafted with three Sticks, three Tree Logs, and one Coal. The way the Bonfire uses no fuel to cook up to four foods at a time makes it a good option for beginner and adventurous players.

Barrel and Grinding Wheel

Two recently added Profession blocks to Minecraft can be crafted with Sticks. The Barrel requires six Sticks and two Wooden Slabs. It can be used to store the player’s items and also to train Villagers for the Fisherman profession. The Grindstone requires two Sticks, two Wooden Planks, and a Stone Slab. It is used to repair and disenchant items, as well as train Villagers in the Armorer profession.

Painting Board and Framing

Both types of frames in Minecraft are made with eight Sticks and one more item in their center: Wool for Paintings and Leather for Frames. Painting Boards can be used primarily as decorations, but they can also hide secret passages by not blocking the player’s path. Frame Frames allow you to hang items in certain locations and can create a useful way to keep tools or weapons nearby, in addition to even creating a functional clock.


Occasionally a Villager who has the Arrowsmith profession may be interested in buying your Sticks in exchange for Emeralds. The “Level 1 – Beginner” offer is 32 Sticks in exchange for an Emerald. It’s not a very useful deal, but it can be used to increase the Villager’s level and make more elaborate exchanges in the future.


The Stick in Minecraft was one of the first items to be added to Minecraft, shortly after the game stopped being just about building freely and gained its survival mode. At this same time, they could already be used as fuel in the game’s Furnace. Despite this, as there are several better options such as Logs and Coal, many players do not know that this is possible to this day.