How to make charcoal in Minecraft?

Find out how to make charcoal in Minecraft and see some tips for using this resource that is almost natural within the game world.

Minecraft is a game that uses several types of fuels that are important for survival, such as charcoal. This alternative version of coal can do almost everything the common mineral is capable of, such as torches, cooking food, melting metals, and more. 

Knowing how to make charcoal in Minecraft serves as an alternative to the common one and, even though it is not difficult to find charcoal in nature, the abundance of raw materials for the vegetable version is very abundant, making it a more attractive option for players. There are, however, two differences to the conventional version: charcoal cannot be used as a bargaining chip with villagers, and it also cannot be used to create charcoal.

Items Needed to Make Charcoal

Coal is an important part of Minecraft, as it is one of the main fuels when creating elements in the furnace or smoker. Unlike the original charcoal, the vegetable cannot be found in nature or villages, it can only be produced. Understand how it works and how to make charcoal in Minecraft. To make charcoal you need the following ingredients:

  • any wooden block;
  • any fuel;
  • a furnace.

How to get charcoal in Minecraft?

To obtain coal, two steps are necessary:

  • The first is to create a furnace, on your work table.
  • Then smelt the raw material to transform it into what you want. Check it out below.

Create a furnace

  • Collect 8 blocks of any stones you find in the scene;
  • Go to your work desk and access it with the right mouse button;
  • Position the stone blocks as in the image below;
  • Drag the Furnace into your inventory.

Transform wood into charcoal

  • Collect any wood by breaking tree trunks found;
  • Position the furnace on the stage and open the creation menu by clicking the right mouse button;
  • Position any fuel at the bottom and, above, place the wood;
  • Wait as long as necessary and drag the charcoal into your inventory.

It’s worth remembering that coal doesn’t spoil in Minecraft either. It can be stored or just dropped in some space that will behave like a common item, outside of its use.

What is charcoal?

Charcoal is not a particularly special item in Minecraft, but it allows access to a renewable source as it is produced from trees. Meanwhile, common coal is generated in the ground with the creation of the world and is depleted after it is all extracted from an area.

The item is also very useful for users who like to adventure on islands and often have a limited area underground. In addition to the ease of having a renewable source, there is no great reason to use charcoal, as the common mineral version is usually abundant.

Although it is common, charcoal can be obtained in two types: original and vegetable. Charcoal burns and behaves the same as the original. It exists solely to be an alternative for those who can no longer find coal in their mines or exploration sites.

This way, the player has more options to not run out of their main fuel. The only change is the way of production, which is even easier than finding the original, in this case.

Use of charcoal

Charcoal is mainly used as a fuel in Minecraft, whether to combine it with the stove and roast your meats or to fuse objects. It is also possible to use it in the production of other objects, such as:

  • To create torches perfect to take when exploring caves.
  • It can also be used to light furnaces, and bonfires and create a fireball, a long-range combat item in the game.

Ready! This way you make charcoal in Minecraft and have an extra fuel option in the game.