How to make stairs and ladder in Minecraft?

This tool not only helps you get ahead in life but can also be a good decoration option. Find out how to make a ladder in Minecraft (by hand) or where to find them in the game.


Ladders in Minecraft

Ladders are very useful items in Minecraft, not only allowing you to reach higher locations without having to destroy the scenery but also serving as decoration. The most curious thing is that the game’s original creator, Markus “Notch”, was against implementing the item initially. But the need spoke louder than opinions. 

How to create a ladder in Minecraft?

For the tutorial, the material used was wood, but it is possible to do it with many others, the list of all possible ones can be found below. To build a ladder, have a work table ready and follow the steps below.

  • Collect a trunk from any tree and make sticks;
  • Take it to your work table and right-click to access the construction menu;
  • Place the sticks on any board to obtain 7 “Wooden sticks”;
  • To build a staircase you need 7 sticks, place three of them vertically on the left side, three on right side, and one in the middle stair will be formed automatically ;
  • On your crafting table, a position as in the image below to obtain “Wooden Ladders”.

Other materials for making stairs

You can make stairs from other materials, positioning them on the work table in the same way as wood. From the simplest to find, to the rarest, you can make stairs with:

  • Found on the surface: Boulder, Stone, Andesite, Diorite, Granite, Sandstone and Red Sandstone;
  • Found in caves: Copper and Slate
  • Found in the Sea: Prismarinho;
  • Found in the End: Purple and Endstone
  • Found in the Nether: Blackstone, Nether Bricks and Red Nether Bricks;
  • Non-natural Obtainment: Clay, Bricks.

Stairs in Minecraft

Minecraft stairs are very necessary to reduce player fatigue when moving around their buildings. They can be made from different materials and used both traditionally and as improvised decoration.

Stairs can be made from a wide range of materials, from Boulders and Wood to Sandstone, Bricks, Diorite, Granite, Copper, and more. Most changes are just aesthetic, but some materials offer different properties. Stairs made of wood, for example, can catch fire while those made of stone or brick are more resistant to explosions.


How to make Stairs in Minecraft?

  • Step 1. Collect six blocks of the material you want to use to create the staircase;
  • Step 2. On a Workbench, gather the blocks and choose, among your items, the staircase recipe you want to build;
  • Step 3. Remember that the staircase can be built with several different materials. Therefore, the user must choose the type, based on the recipes.
  • Step 4. Once you have your stairs in hand, simply place them wherever you want to create easy access;
  • Step 5. To use them as furniture, it’s worth testing different combinations with other blocks and creating interesting looks;
  • Step 6. In addition to the ladders mentioned, there are also “Ladders” that allow you to climb vertically to long heights by being stuck to the walls. The process for creating this type is the same, however, to assemble them, you need to collect seven sticks.

What are the real uses of Ladder and stairs?

In addition to going up and down from high places, stairs can be creative decorations for homes or environments, simulating aerial fences. They can be placed on almost any block, except Redstone and Observer.

In some cases, stairs also serve to create a “path” with a certain type of block, such as lava or water. It doesn’t always work, but it is possible to try and see the results during the experiment. The important thing is that, in the end, the main use is to create vertical paths within Minecraft. Additionally, ladders provide competitive advantages since enemies do not spawn on them, even if they can climb them.


What is the difference between a common ladder and a hand ladder?

There are two types of ladders in Minecraft: the hand ladder, which is the subject of this text, and the common ladder. The common one is on the floor, positioned between blocks or with several copies glued together, forming traditional staircases.

Common stairs are used to generate steps so that your character can climb without having to jump. But they are not exactly portable, as they take time to destroy and take up space that is not always viable. Stepladders are portable and virtually stick to any surface: the wall, floor, or ceiling.

Ready! This way you can create a ladder and further expand the game experience.