How to tame A fox in Minecraft?

Discover how to tame a fox in Minecraft, with a method that is quite different from other animals in the game.


Being able to tame animals is another very fun activity that we can do in Minecraft. Below you will find the complete tutorial on how to find and gain the trust of fox in the game, as well as where to find the necessary items.

Foxes are some of the many animals that are present in Minecraft, spread throughout nature, and that can be “captured” and tamed by players, in a certain way. The task is not so simple and is a little different from other animals. See below how to tame a fox in Minecraft.

What are Foxes In Minecraft?

Foxes are mobs, that is, creatures within the game controlled by the computer. They are wild animals with pre-defined behavior and which can be attacked or tamed by the player – but there is a catch there.

Taming a Fox in Minecraft?

It’s not that simple to tame foxes in the game. While with other animals like cats, and dogs you just need to put a bow on and give them some of their favorite food, with foxes none of that works. Let’s say they are rebels. You need to generate a new fox by crossing two other wild foxes. Only the one that was generated can be tamed.


How to breed fox in Minecraft?

To generate a new fox you will need:

  • Two other foxes together;
  • Some copies of Sweet Berry.

With that in hand, just feed the two foxes and wait for them to produce the cub. The new fox will be born loyal to the player, but will still hang out with the others. It will be necessary to remove her from the gang to make her 100% loyal.

But from then on the task is very simple to catch a fox in Minecraft. You just need to have a lasso/rope in your inventory and use it to pull the fox away. When it moves away from the pack, it will only be focused on the player character and will follow the rest of the map, in the same way as cats.


Also, know that a new fox generated can already be born carrying a gift item for its creator. The items and possibilities are as follows:

  • Esmeralda – 5%
  • Rabbit’s foot – 10%
  • Rabbit Fur – 10%
  • This – 15%
  • Wheat – 20%
  • Leather – 20%
  • Penalty – 20%

Percentages apply to Java or Bedrock versions of Minecraft.

How to tame a fox in Minecraft?

To tame a Fox in Minecraft follow the following steps:

  • Step 1. Produce a Lasso with four pieces of Thread dropped by Spiders and one Slime Goop dropped by Slimes;
  • Step 2. Create a safe place to keep your foxes at least two and a half blocks high (two Fences), as they are capable of jumping high;
  • Step 3. Look for foxes in Taiga-type Biomes, easily recognized by Snow or Fir Trees;
  • Step 4. When you see a fox, approach it low to the ground so as not to scare it. When it’s very close, use the Lasso to capture it. Take at least two to the location that was built in Step 2;
  • Step 5. Look for Sweet Red Fruits in Taiga-type Biomes and get at least two. It is also possible to plant them for local production;
  • Step 6. Give a Sweet Red Fruit to each fox and they will breed and produce a new baby fox. Unlike wild foxes, the baby will be tamed and will recognize the player as its owner;
  • Step 7. You need to move the fox away from its parents when using the Lasso so that it starts following the player. Otherwise, she will give preference to following other foxes.

Where do foxes appear in the game?

The big challenge is finding foxes to mate with. You need to be patient and search in different locations, according to the biomes indicated. They are some of the hardest animals to find in Minecraft. They usually live only in biomes, taiga (orange foxes), or snowy taiga (white foxes) environments. If you don’t know, Taiga is an environment with coniferous trees, or simply large trees, within Minecraft.

However, it is common to find groups of two to four foxes together. Furthermore, they are normally found in the traditional color, orange, but it is also possible for them to come in white, depending on where they appear. 

What does Foxes Eat in Minecraft?

Generally, small foxes do not come out until they are old enough to burrow. So you may need to give the baby fox a milk-food mixture so that it can live. Solid food for a fox cub is a mixture of chopped adult food.

The fox is also omnivorous in Minecraft. The red fox is often considered inveterate and eats chickens and hares. But, the main food for it would be rodents: rats and mice. It also eats voles, birds, and insects. At the same time, it often attacks different types of poultry including ducks, turkeys, pheasants, etc.

You can adopt the best fox in your collection in Minecraft. The fox will be a guide and pet for your troop throughout the game. However, it must be raised well so that it does not turn into an enemy animal, or worse, so as not to kill it. From an early age, you must try to follow his food schedule.