How to tame and breed Wolves and dogs in Minecraft?

Learn how to tame and breed wolves and dogs in Minecraft mobs and be the king of animals in the game. Check out the tips!

There are many animals available in Minecraft, like cats, and horses, and the vast majority of them must be tamed. Thanks to domestication, we can also create more creatures so we can multiply them and take advantage of them with different actions throughout the adventure. Although Minecraft does not have dogs (they are wolves), the player community does call them the same.

In Minecraft, wolves live in the wild. They can be tamed and turned into pet dogs that follow you. They are not only a companion but also protect you from aggressive monsters that intend to attack you. You can also breed domesticated dogs so that even more friendly dogs will be born. This article teaches you how to tame and breed wolves and dogs in Minecraft.


How to Tame Wolves and Dogs in Minecraft?

We detail the process for raising dogs and wolves in Minecraft, animals that you will meet first in the wild but that we can domesticate to make them good companions.

1. Take bone

Bones drop from skeletons and Wither skeletons when they are defeated. Bones can also be obtained from chests in the desert and temples in the jungle or obtained while fishing.

2. Search for wolves

They appear in the Forest, Taiga, Large Taiga, Cold Taiga, and Cold Taiga mountain biomes. If you are playing creative mode, you can create one using wolf eggs.

3. Use bones to tame wolves

Open the inventory, drag and drop the bones into the inventory. Select a bone by pressing the corresponding button on the keyboard, or press the button on the left and right of the handle until the box in the toolbar containing the bone lights up. Go near the wolf, right-click on it, or press the Trigger button on the left of the controller to give it a bone. Signs that a wolf in Minecraft has been domesticated are that many hearts appear above and the collar will turn red.

  • You may need to try many times and spend a lot of money. Once tamed, you can command the dog to sit or follow you by right-clicking on it. When domesticated, dogs will sit if given no other command. You will need to right-click to make the dog follow you.

4. Tame another wolf

You need two wolves to breed. Use the bone to tame the second wolf.

  • In Minecraft, animals, villagers, and monsters have no gender. So don’t worry about whether the wolf is male or female.

5 . Feed the dog to transform into a state of love

Make sure both dogs in Minecraft are nearby. Feed them any type of meat to make them enter a loving state. You will see many hearts appear above the dog. When two dogs are close-loving, they will breed and give birth to puppies.

  • New puppies born from tamed dogs will be already tamed and friendly to the player.
  • Puppies will start small and grow larger over time. You can make your puppy grow faster by feeding it meat.


  • If your wolf looks directly into the Enderman’s eyes, the Enderman will scream and teleport to it to kill it, just like it did to you.
  • Don’t abandon your dog in places with monsters!
  • Instinctively, the wolf in Minecraft will attack the skeleton, so be careful, don’t let the dog run wild and get killed.
  • Puppies cannot swim and will drown if they are not separated from you.
  • If you create a baby wolf using an egg that spawned an adult wolf, it will not be tamed.
  • Don’t hit untamed wolves. He and the rest of the wolves in the pack will try to kill you.
  • Your wolf will probably wander off to a cliff or into lava from time to time.


  • Build a dog cage. Not only is the dog crate beautiful to look at, but you can also keep your dog in there when you don’t need him.
  • Rotten flesh dropped from zombies is not very useful, but can be used as dog food.
  • If the dog is left behind, it will teleport to your location.
  • If the wolf in Minecraft is sitting down, it will not follow you or teleport to your location.
  • You can color your wolf’s collar with dye. Do this the same way you would dye sheep.