How to make a golem in Minecraft [Snow and Iron]

Discover how to make a golem in Minecraft, whether ice or snow, and find out how they behave towards the player on your map.


Making Iron Golem and Snow Golem in Minecraft should be useful for the player. The creatures can be the user’s allies in the fight against terrible monsters. Both characters can be summoned by stacking specific blocks in a certain shape. After summoning them, they can face zombies, skeletons, and other enemies.

Iron Golems normally appear in villages, when there is a certain number of inhabitants. They need a way to defend themselves from enemies, but the player can also create their own. The Iron Golem automatically attacks monsters, so it’s useful to keep it nearby at strategic points with a Lasso. The Snow Golem is a slightly less powerful ally, due to the lower attack power of its snowballs and little defense when compared to the Iron Golem. Because it is made of snow, it can also be destroyed by common activities, such as getting into water or getting rained on.

How to make golem in Minecraft?

Iron golem in Minecraft

  • Step 1. Use 36 Iron Bars on a Crafting Table to create four Iron Blocks. To obtain Iron, simply search for the ore in the game’s underground levels with a pickaxe;
  • Step 2. Search for a Pumpkin around the Minecraft world or plant your own;
  • Step 3. Position the four Iron Blocks and the Pumpkin in a cross shape, with the Pumpkin last at the top;
  • Step 4. Immediately the blocks will transform into an Iron Golem;
  • Step 5. You can use a Lasso to guide it and even attach it to fences.

How to create Snow Golem in Minecraft

  • Step 1. Use a shovel on snowy surfaces to obtain at least eight Snowballs;
  • Step 2. Use a crafting table to convert the Snowballs into two Snow blocks;
  • Step 3. Position the two stacked Snow blocks with the Pumpkin last on top;
  • Step 4. Immediately, the blocks transform into a Snow Golem;
  • Step 5. Just like the Iron Golem, it is possible to use a Lasso to lead it and attach it to fences.

Natural generation

Players can find the mob in Villages spread across the map, in addition, villagers in these settlements can try to summon a Golem if they need to protect themselves. But it’s not that simple for NPCs to invoke, requiring some conditions. The Iron version is invoked if:

  • At least 75% of villagers worked the day before;
  • They all have a bed;
  • The player is 80 blocks from the Village horizontally and 44 vertically.

Golem Behavior in Minecraft

Most of the time, the character acts neutrally, patrolling close to the player, or the base. Against other mobs, such as the explosive Creepers, they are normally aggressive, attacking them as soon as they see them, however, against some they are neutral until they are attacked. Check out:

  • Bee: the Golem does not attack on sight;
  • Drowned: the Golem attacks on sight;
  • Zombie villager: the Golem attacks on sight;
  • Blaze: the Golem attacks on sight;
  • Witch: the Golem attacks on sight;
  • Creeper: the Golem does not attack on sight;
  • Devastating: the Golem attacks on sight;
  • Ender Dragon: may or may not attack on sight;
  • Enderman: the Golem attacks on sight;
  • Endermite: the Golem attacks on sight;
  • Ghast: may or may not attack on sight;
  • Giant: the Golem attacks on sight;
  • Dolphin: the Golem does not attack on sight;
  • Illusionist: the Golem attacks on sight;
  • Summoner: the Golem attacks on sight;
  • Chicken Jockey: Golem attacks on sight;
  • Wolf: the Golem does not attack on sight;
  • Zombie Piglin: the Golem attacks on sight;
  • Marauder: Golem attacks on sight
  • Avenger: the Golem attacks on sight;
  • Wither the Golem attacks on sight;
  • Zoglin: the Golem attacks on sight;
  • Zombie: the Golem attacks on sight;
  • Zombie-Mummy: The Golem attacks on sight.

What do golems do in Minecraft?

Golems only attack monsters and defend the players and villagers in villages and dwellings. They are neutral. However, if the player attacks a golem, they will be attacked back. And it’s worth warning: they are very strong. 

Ready! This way the player creates the Golem in Minecraft, helping him survive against enemies.