How to make green dye in Minecraft?

Check out how to obtain and make Green Dye in Minecraft to color various objects such as wool, beds, candles, banners, and more, as well as create other colors.


What are Dyes in Minecraft?

Dyes in Minecraft are mainly used to change the appearance of items and even domesticated animals in the game. Minecraft has an object colorization mechanic that allows users to convert various items found into dyes. The Green Dye is one of those that causes the most doubts, because, despite being a common color in many plants, it is only obtained from cacti found in the desert. Discover the main uses of dyes in the Minecraft.

How to get green dye in Minecraft?

Like other Minecraft items, green paint is a material that can be manufactured from scratch or obtained from chests spread throughout the game. There are two versions of green pigmentation in Minecraft: traditional green and lime green. Both can be crafted with the help of specific ingredients, but can also be found in chests in Deserted Villages. You will only need two ingredients to make green dye:

Green Dye

 You will only need two ingredients to make green dye in Minecraft:

  • Cactus (obtained in desert and arid lands);
  • Any fuel (lava, coal, blaze rod, barrel, bamboo, stick, nether brick, iron nugget, among others).

Lime Green Dye

For the lime green dye, you will need the following materials:

  • Green dye;
  • White dye (made with lily of the valley and bone meal) or bone meal (made with bone and bone block).

Each combination of lime green dye generates two units of the item. As for the common green, only one unit is manufactured. Also, remember to use a tool to extract the cactus, as the thorns can hurt your character if he uses his hands to handle the plant.


How to make Green Dye in Minecraft?

  • Step 1. Find a desert biome with Cacti and get some of them. It is also recommended to create your own Cactus farm for future uses;
  • Step 2. Place the Cacti in a Furnace with some fuel such as Coal or Wood Logs to obtain the Green Dye;
  • Step 3. Once you have the Green Dye, take the item you want to color and use the Creation system or the Workbench to manufacture it as if it were a new item;
  • Step 4. If you want to obtain a Lime Green Dye, simply have a White Dye or Bone Meal in your inventory and combine them in the Crafting or Workbench system.

Uses of green dye

Green and lime green dyes serve the same purposes as the other colors in Minecraft. This includes applying it to:

  • Dyeing sheep wool;
  • Dye the collars of domesticated wolves;
  • Dye wool, leather armor, glass beds, terracotta, and boxes;
  • Create a firework star (combination of gunpowder and dye);
  • Create green or lime green cement (a combination of sand, gravel and dye);
  • Add color patterns to banners.

There are also three uses of green dye that are exclusive to Bedrock and Education editions:

  • Dye shulkers;
  • Dye the water contained in cauldrons;
  • Create balloons or glitter sticks.