How to make a button in Minecraft

A button in Minecraft is used to temporarily power a Redstone system. That is, when you press a button that is connected to a Redstone circuit, the circuit will be activated, but only temporarily since it is not a fixed switch or button, but rather a temporary button that sends energy for a few seconds.


There are two types of buttons that we can create in Minecraft, but both act in the same way, the only difference lies in the texture of the button, since one is made with stone and has textured stone, and the other is made with wood. and it has a wood texture.

How to make a button to open a door in Minecraft?

In the world of Minecraft, there are 7 different types of decorations, but one of the ones that stand out the most is the button to open the door remotely, which can be done using various materials that can be obtained quickly, everything will depend on what used the want to give.

Here we are going to give you a small guide on how to make a button to open a door in Minecraftto serve as both decoration and activator for your house or secret cave.

What does it work for?

The use of the button to open a wooden door It is mostly used to open the doors distantly, fulfilling a sequence to make said opening, although these types of buttons can also be used for other purposes, everything will depend on whether you are going to use it just for doors or activate traps to hunt your enemies or creatures that inhabit the world.

The main function of this button is to open the doors remotely and you can also make the trigger for a secret door but it will depend on where you place the button and the steps you use to place said button.

Materials to make the button in Minecraft

At the time of making the button, you will need a series of materials, to make the button as a distance mechanism and you can do it in the best possible way with the steps that we are going to leave you below. The materials are as follows:

  • Redstone
  • Wood (you can make buttons from other materials)
  • Work table.

With these three simple materials, you will be able to make the button to open a door in Minecraft.

Steps to make the button

Follow the steps below so you can get the button up and running instantly with the steps below.

  • let’s start locating our artboard locating a block in the center of our artboard resulting in our button.
  • Already having our button we are going to save it in our inventory and we go to the door that we want to open.
  • We locate the button on the side of the door or in a base so that we can open our door from a distance.
  • We spread the redstone dust making an even line out from the door towards the button.
  • We tested the button and how well the activation to open the door.
  •  Ready we already have our button to open our door easily and remotely.

Can I put this button as a trigger?

Using these types of buttons you can act as a different class mechanism activator, either for cheating or for the need that you deserve to cover, mostly these types of buttons are used in doors of the type mechanisms for automatic doors so that you are not in the back and forth of opening the door, therefore you will be distracted from doing some process or talking to someone.

Types of wooden buttons

  • Acacia button
  • jungle button
  • oak button
  • Dark Oak Button
  • Fir Button
  • birch button
  • crimson button
  • Deformed button
  • mangrove button