How to eat in Minecraft

Check out how to get food and eat in Minecraft to keep your character in better shape and heal damage from battles.

Eating in Minecraft is an essential task. In the construction and survival game, the player needs to eat to stay at the peak of their skills and recover energy lost in combat. Initially, it may be unintuitive to figure out how to restore power, but the process is quite easy.


Using animal meat is the best way to fill the avatar’s stomach. There are, however, other more peaceful options, such as plantations. In the tutorial below, learn how to eat in Minecraft on all platforms, including the Mobile version, which generates the most questions among players.

To eat, on almost all platforms, simply select a food item from the menu and hold down the button that places blocks, like the right mouse button in the PC version or the left trigger in video games. In the version for smartphones and tablets, however, you need to select the item tap on any free area on the screen, and hold, as if you were going to destroy a block, for the character to eat. If you are unable to act, your avatar may simply not need to eat at that moment.

To monitor the character’s need to eat, just pay attention to the hunger bar. On PCs and consoles, this information is above the items. On the smartphone, the bar is located in the top right corner. It is represented by several legs that slowly disappear to indicate hunger. After three legs, the player’s ability begins to decrease. When the hunger bar is full, you cannot eat anymore. 

How to eat in Minecraft

  • Step 1. Look for animals like cows, sheep, chickens or pigs. Rabbits also leave meat, but in small quantities and they run away a lot, so they are not worth it;
  • Step 2. Attack them with your fists or a tool. The use of swords or axes is more recommended for the task;
  • Step 3. After killing the animal, it will usually leave a piece of meat behind. It is possible to eat raw meat, however, in this state, it restores less hunger and can cause poisoning;
  • Step 4. To optimize consumption, place the meat on a stove with charcoal or wood to cook it;
  • Step 5. To eat it, place the meat among your items and hold down the position block button. On PC, it’s the right mouse button, while in video games it’s the left trigger. In the version for smartphones and tablets, simply tap on a free area of ​​the screen and hold.

Alternatives to meat

  • Step 1. Attack pieces of grass until they release seeds;
  • Step 2. Using a hoe, prepare a batch of grass and plant the seeds;
  • Step 3. Ensure that there is water within a proximity of at least five blocks. If you don’t have a bucket yet, start your plantation near the water;
  • Step 4. After some time, wheat will begin to grow. Attack it to drop wheat and sometimes more seeds to repeat the process;
  • Step 5. With three pieces of wheat on a crafting table, you can create bread to eat. Several other items can be planted besides wheat, such as carrots, potatoes, and radishes, spread throughout the world of Minecraft.