How to make an axe in Minecraft?

See how to make an axe in Minecraft and what types there are to help you collect raw materials faster.

An axe is one of the most important tools we may need in Minecraft. It is the first tool that we recommend you make so that you can start felling wood and be able to make other tools. Some people who are starting their adventure in this incredible game still do not know how to make an axe, and this article is dedicated to them, this time you will learn how to make an axe in Minecraft.

How to make an axe in Minecraft?

The first thing you need to know is that you can make an axe with wood, stone, iron, gold, or diamond. There are more resistant materials, but it is for more advanced players. For now, with the materials we mentioned, you can create your first axe.

Making the axe is quite simple and will not take you much time. You should also keep in mind that for the manufacture of any axe, the process is the same, the only thing that changes is the type of material you use.

To make the axe in Minecraft, you have to use a work table place two sticks in the last two squares in the center, and place the three planks, stones, or ingots in the following position: in the first square on the left, in the first box in the center and the second box on the left. In the following image, you can better see the position of these materials on the work table.

This way you can have your axe in Minecraft in no time. We recommend that you make the wooden one first, since from it you can obtain materials to continue creating much better axes.


Just like the pickaxe, it is possible to create other types of ax in the game, following the same construction pattern, however, construction items become gradually more difficult to obtain. In return, the user gains more damage and durability with the object.

All other items require a pickaxe to collect, so go to the text below to learn how to make one. Furthermore, you always have to use a tool level before the material. For example: stone pickaxe to extract gold and so on. Check below how to assemble other types of axes.

Stone axe

  • Collect three boulders of any type and add them to the inventory;
  • Collect two sticks and do the same;
  • Take them to the work table and position them like the image below;
  • Drag the stone axe to your inventory.

Iron axe

  • Place an iron block on the crafting table to obtain iron bars;
  • Position the iron bars and sticks as shown in the image below;
  • Drag the iron axe into your inventory.

Golden axe

  • Place a gold block on the crafting table to obtain gold bars;
  • Position the gold bars and sticks like the image below;
  • Drag the new axe into inventory.

Diamond axe

  • Place a diamond block to get diamonds;
  • Position the diamonds and sticks like the image below;
  • Drag the diamond axe to your inventory.

Netherite axe

  • Unlike the other items on the list, the netherite axe requires the player to have a Blacksmithing Table, an object for crafting complex items. To create it, simply place four wooden planks and two iron bars on the Work Table as shown in the image below. Then, take the diamond ax to the Blacksmithing Table and place a unit of netherite bar, obtained in the same way as the other bars, and obtain the rarest ax in Minecraft.

Ready! These are the axes that the player can craft in the game, helping to advance in the adventure as the days go by.