How and where to find Clay in Minecraft

Among the many blocks available in Minecraft, one of the most versatile is found all around as we look for where to find clay in Minecraft. Clay is the base for several building blocks in the game, including one of the blocks available in every color to dye. So if you know where to find this stuff, your building options increase dramatically.

How to get Clay blocks in Minecraft

Clay Blocks can simply be found underwater, but it can be a bit tiring having to find that block every time you want one. But know that it is possible to manufacture this block, and in a very simple way! To get a Clay, you will only need 4 Clay Balls!

Where to find clay in Minecraft

To put it simply, clay clusters usually appear underwater. You can find some of it just by looking at the bottom of rivers and ponds, there won’t be many but there will probably be some there. If you want to find a lot more, you’ll have to check places like swamps and the ocean floor. This is where you’ll find the most, although it can be a little difficult to reach.

Certain enchantments can help you mine underwater, which will be of great use to you when collecting clay. When you break the block, it won’t fall on its own and will drop four pieces of clay onto the ground. These can however be made into normal clay blocks or you can just use a touch of silk to bring them together normally.

Minecraft: How to Find Clay in Aquatic Biomes

If Minecraft players want to find clay blocks quickly, they’ll want to look for large bodies of water.  As long as there are some water blocks in one of these biomes, clay has the potential to spawn. However, since lush caves are difficult to find, players may want to continue searching for clay in oceans and rivers.

How to detect clay in an aquatic biome

Follow these simple steps to find clay in Minecraft in an aquatic biome:

  • 1. Once players have found their water-oriented biome, they will want to dive into the body of water and search. Clay can spawn at the bottom of bodies of water in these biomes, but sometimes spawns on walls made of sand or dirt.
  • 2. Watch for the gray coloration of the clay blocks. In standard terrain generation for Minecraft, clay blocks are formed into crystalline “disks” that should stand out well against sand, gravel, and dirt. However, players may need to get close to the clay blocks to make sure they are not stone blocks, as the two types of blocks are very similar in color.
  • 3. If players have trouble with underwater visibility at shallower depths, it may not be a bad idea to carry a night vision potion. This potion not only helps players see in dark caves but can also help them scan the bottom of the ocean or lake.

Additionally, if Minecraft players are not very close to a water biome, they can still acquire clay blocks through a different method. Specifically, by placing sprout blocks on top of a pointed drip block, one can essentially “dry” the mud block and turn it into clay. This can be especially useful if players are searching for a swamp biome and manage to find a lot of mud, but no clay. It’s even possible to use a sharpened stone to create a clay block farm that will continue to generate clay as long as Minecraft players have clay blocks available.

How to use clay

Clay in Minecraft is not that versatile, but it creates some useful (decorative) items.

  • Putting a ball of clay in a kiln will give you a brick. Three bricks can be made in a pot and four can become bricks – one brick block.
  • Four clay balls can be turned back into a clay block. If you throw the entire block into a kiln, you will get terracotta. Terracotta can be dyed to become colored terracotta which can then be put through a kiln again to obtain glazed terracotta.
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